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I have spent much of yesterday and all of today trying to get Samba set up to share files with Windows from my new File Server appliance such that the Windows user doesn't get prompted for a username or password. I am migrating from an older version where I was able to use security = share in the smb.conf but that is deprecated now and Webmin won't even save the file if that is in there.

There is a LOT of info on this on the web and I have read over a dozen posts about how to do it...most involve "security = user", "guest account = nobody" and "map to guest = bad password."

None of these work. I also tried a usermap to map bad users to "nobody" and that doesn't work either.

I have set up a share for testing and it is currently set to 777 and is owned by nobody.

Does anyone have an up-to-date guide on how to do this with version 15 of the Turnkey Linux file server?

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I'm not a Windows user (switched to Linux about 5 years ago and haven't looked back) so unfortunately, I can't help much that much. I'm guessing that you've already googled around all over the place and I doubt that I'm going to be able to turn up anything you haven't already... Having said that, perhaps I can give you a bit of additional info and point you towards some resources that may help?

FWIW, the current upstream Samba docs have a page that may be a useful reference, although my brief browse didn't see anything explicitly about support for not asking for a password. Although it does have some useful commands for troubleshooting which may assist?

On the off chance that my google-fu is a step ahead of yours, this answer (on "AskUbuntu") looks potentially promising. Also this other slightly more recent answer (to the same question) also looks like it might be worth a read. Also this answer (on a different but similar question) looks like it may also be relevant? It also points to the doc page I linked above.

Note that whilst TurnKey is not based on Ubuntu, both have a common base of Debian, so much of the Ubuntu info is relevant. FTR TurnKey v15.x = Debian 9/Stretch. Beware though that Ubuntu is not binary compatible with Debian (or TurnKey, but TurnKey IS binary compatible with Debian) so some Ubuntu tutorials may not be compatible (e.g. installing from Ubuntu PPAs onto TurnKey/Debian is usually a bad plan!) so just be a little careful following tutorials designed for Ubuntu blindly.

If you're still not having any luck, then it might be worth signing up to the general Samba mailing list and asking there and/or on one of the StackExchange sites (perhaps *Nix StackExchange?). It's also worth noting that the version of Samba in TurnKey v15.x is 4.5.12. I suggest that you mention the Samba version when you ask elsewhere.

Hopefully that at least gets you pointed in the right direction. If/when you find a solution, please post back as it will certainly assist others. We should also add it to the Fileserver doc page (actually looking at that page, it appears we should clean it up a bit and bring it up to date - most of the info there is pretty irrelevant for the current version).

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