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Hello everyone,

I just discovered your excellent site and thank you for the richness of its content.

I went through your different categories and unless I'm mistaken I do not find what I need, for my project on virtualbox I look for an appliance with this:


Ubuntu 16.04.4 LTS or Debian Stretch avec PHP 7.2, MariaDB, Java or OpenJDK, ElasticSearch, memcached, Composer, Nginx


I saw your appliance "Nginx PHP FastCGI Server Configuration" but the php version is 7.0.


in advance thank you for telling me:

1. how to update php 7.2 in Nginx PHP FastCGI Server Configuration

2. Or tell me what other appliance I can use.


Warmest regards,


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Hi and welcome to TurnKey! :)

We can certainly help with some of your wishlist. As you noted the "Nginx PHP FastCGI Server" is probably the closest:

  • Debian Stretch - all our v15.x appliances are based on Debian Stretch
  • MariaDB - whilst it notes that it has "MySQL", actually it has MariaDB
  • Composer - Composer is installed by default (in all all appliances that include PHP)
  • Nginx - obviously!

Considering that you have noted that you are looking for a Debian/Ubuntu server, I assume that you are aware of the advantages of using the default packages from the official repos?! I thought it important to note as some users are concerned by the fact that PHP7.0 is EOL and as you are possibly aware, Debian will be supporting PHP7.0 with security dates until mid 2022.

If you are sure that you want/need PHP7.2, then I recommend that you use Ondřej Surý's DEB.SURY.ORG. Ondřej is one of the main packagers for PHP within both Debian and Ubuntu and is therefore the next best thing to "official" packages. You can find the instructions for setting up his repo here. Then you should be able to install php7.2 like this:

apt update
apt install php7.2

You can leave the default PHP installed and use the Debian alternatives system to define which ones are used by default. There are some relevant notes in Ondřej's docs here. Although personally, if you have no need for PHP7.0, then it's probably better/easier to just purge the default PHP libraries before you install PHP7.2. I haven't tested, but something like this should do the trick:

apt purge php php7.0

Re OpenJDK, if 8 is new enough for you, you'll find that in the repos. Assuming you want the headless JDK instal:

apt update
apt install openjdk-8-jdk-headless

If that's too old and you want newer, then OpenJDK 11 is in backports. If you're not familiar with backports, you'll probably find this page useful.

Memcached isn't pre-installed but is in the Debian repos, so is a quick "apt install" away.

That just leaves ElasticSearch. Unfortunately ElasticSearch is not in the Debian repos. It was in Jessie but it was removed. So it seems like the only option would be to install directly from upstream. The fact that they have Debian packages should make it pretty easy.

Hopefully that gets you up and running with the system you want! :) Good luck and please feel free to post back to let us know how you go. Please note though that response times will be slow over the next few weeks.

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