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I am looking to download odoo 14.2 release that comes with odoo 8 and not odoo 11. Is there a way i can download the legacy version?


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The legacy v14.2 Odoo appliance ISO can be downloaded here (hash file here).

In case it wasn't the ISO that you were after and/or you (or someone else) are/is after any of the other legacy appliances, then please check the mirror for the other builds (and/or appliances).

PS I removed your duplicate post.

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I had no idea how to access the legacy versions, thank you very much! You saved me alot of time.



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This is Turnkeylinux Odoo 14.2, which runs Odoo 8  and is on the Turnkeylinux Mirror.  It is a 64 Bit build but should work for you if you need it still.  That or someone else may.


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So this would be the link:

To go further back, we need a "wayback machine" to development era, but I believe that Odoo was always at TKL - 14.0 / Odoo 8 on the Official Turnkeylinux set of releases.  

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