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Hi Jeremy, I hope you had a relaxing Christmas break. Quick question...when will WordPress V17.1 AMI be added to AWS list? Cheers, Tim
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Thanks mate, you too.

Apologies on the hold up getting the latest batches of AWS builds up. FWIW, they are already available via the Hub. I hope to have them available via AWSMP early next week. I'll aim to prioritize the WordPress one for you. I'll plan to let you know once it should be ready, but please feel free to give me a bump if you haven't heard anything and wondering what is going on...

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Much appreciated :-)


Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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Everything has been done on our end, just waiting for AWS to make it available. The AMI has already passed the AWS "security scanner", so hopefully won't be too long.

Thanks too for bumping this. It should have been done (much) sooner.

FWIW, if you (or anybody else) are waiting for any other specific apps on AWSMP, please do not hesitate to let me know. I can then manually prioritize it/them (like I did with this one).

Otherwise, they should be up this week, next week at the latest (fingers crossed).

FYI the delay on the AWSMP listings is because I'm currently working on improving (and automating) the workflow for the AWSMP apps. The idea is that moving forward it can be done as part of the general release (really there's no reason why it shouldn't be available within hours of the Hub listing - other than the PITA of adding them to AWSMP).

FWIW I did already have some scripts to do this stuff, but I wrote them ages ago (when the AWSMP API was fairly new and my programming wasn't as good as it is now). And the AWS API has changed since then (and broken them). I had patched them up a bit and they were still working acceptably. But the last time I ran them, stuff broke quite badly and I had to manually clean up a whole heap of mess. I've been meaning to circle back to fix this properly - and now is the time!

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