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Dear user,

Ho ho ho, happy holidays everyone! It's been ridiculously long since our last announcement. We've haven't been idle though. We just kept saying one more thing, and you know how time flies when you're having fun...

Without further fanfare, here's a brief digest of TurnKey developments since our last announcement.

TurnKey 11.3 maintenance release: includes the latest bug fixes, security updates rolled in, and built-in support for TurnKey's new dynamic DNS service. This will be the last maintenance release based on the current Ubuntu 10.04 LTS version. Next stop: Ubuntu 12.04!

New TurnKey Hub features:

  1. Free cloud server basic monitoring: tracks CPU, IO and Network usage:

  2. Support for Amazon free usage tier: so now you can try TurnKey in the cloud for absolutely free.

    Amazon's free usage tier, which TurnKey now supports, gives away up to a year's worth of free micro server usage (worth about $200) to help get new users started.

  3. Support for Amazon EC2 reserved instances - pay up to 50% less in cloud server fees.

  4. Support for Micro servers (613 MB RAM at $0.02/hour) and EBS-backed servers. EBS-backed servers are cloud servers booted from persistent network attached storage that can be stopped or started at any time. For servers that don't need to be run 24x7, this can cut down usage fees.

  5. Support for TurnKey deployment in the new Oregon and Tokyo Amazon datacenters. This should be live in a couple of days - as soon as we're done with the testing.

Oh and one more thing for all the ninjas in the crowd: ever wondered how TurnKey builds so many different images? Check out CloudTask - a new free open source project we've released that lets you automate parallelized batch jobs in the cloud. It's the magic tool we use to automate all the heavy lifting behind the scenes.

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