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Warning! Failed to move file. 

This is the error that is displayed when attempting to Upload a new extension, template or module...

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Thanks for reporting this, I have submitted it as a bug:

You can subscribe to this post, or better yet to the bug report to get notified when it is fixed.
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This issue has been fixed, and will be included in the next release.
If you are using the current release and would like to fix it, details are included in the bug details (see above link).
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The one detailed on the old bugtracker (link)?

If you can try that and see if that resolves the issue then that would be great. If we can confirm all that then we will add it to the new TKL Dev Tracker (aka Issue Tracker). Although actually I guess we could do that already anyway... 

Also out of interest, are you using TKL v12.0 or v12.1?

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