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I learned about turnkeylinux from an episode on

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I learned about Turnkey Linux at site.

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I recall some time ago they weren't convinced that TKL could be counted as its own distro. Sounds like they figured out that it is!

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They get a ton of submissions and TurnKey is more of a meta distribution (e.g., distribution of distributions) than a conventional distribution with a single output product. Also, with 45 appliances and growing, do you just list Core? Do you list each appliance separately?

I don't blame DistroWatch for being a bit confused as to how to fit TurnKey into the mold.

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You have a good point but I still stand by my criticism no matter how unreasonable it may be :)

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I learned about Turnkey Linux @ after gettitng there checking out Joomla! deployment options.

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I learned about Turnkey linux while researching OpenVZ. Found some old TKL templates on Sourceforge for OpenVZ... kinda enjoyed reading how you guys built your business, the crazy jedi dude and that sort of stuff. Considering trying another virtualization technology, cause the ease of not having to create things from scratch is just so.... well you know... easy.

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I read about TKL in Linux Journal:

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I just saw your appliances working on a VMware vCloud implementation, and I loved them at first sight.

Congratulations for the excellent work!!!

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I use Proxmox since quite some time and love that both projects work together.
When they announced that turnkey appliance could be used I was thrilled.

Thanks a lot for all the good work!

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