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NOOB Question:

My end goal: I would like to transfer files from my PC to my Wordpress installation using FileZilla. Particularly in the Wordpress installation folder where you would find files like .htaccess, and folders like the "wp-admin" folder, the "wp-content" folder, the "wp-includes" folder... etc.

I connect to my files just fine. I am using ipaddressofappliance over an SFTP connection and I am using the username and the password I set at first boot.

FileZilla connects just fine using these access credentials and what I see are folders called:

  1. "bin"
  2. "boot"
  3. "dev"
  4. "etc"
  5. "home"
  6. "initrd.img"
  7. "initrd.img.old"
  8. "lib"
  9. "lost+found"
  10. "media"
  11. "mnt"
  12. "opt"
  13. "proc"
  14. "root"
  15. "sbin"
  16. "selinux"
  17. "srv"
  18. "sys"
  19. "tmp"
  20. "usr"
  21. "var"
  22. "vmlinuz"
  23. "vmlinuz.old"


I have gone through each and every one of these folders, but I can't find this root wordpress folder to save someone's life! Please help. Thank you for all contributions in advance.

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And according to the appliance page WordPress is installed to /var/www/wordpress If you so desire you can create a bookmark in Filezilla so you can easily get back there. You can also set it to sync to a local folder (on your PC - where you can keep a copy all the relevant files) if you wish.

Also assuming you are running Windows on your PC; a suggestion: Rather than using Notepad, I strongly suggest that you use Notepad++. Win Notepad, often mangles Linux files but Notepad++ won't. You can set it as the default editor in Filezilla too so even if Win doesn't know what to do with those pesky .htaccess files, Notepad++ opens them automatically (from within Filezilla).

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thank you again for coming to the rescue! You truly are wonderful!

These were exactly the files I was looking for!!!!

And thank you, so much for your recommendation on NotePad Plus Plus ... it makes me feel better about having purchased it - now I will take it out and use it because I purchased it a while back and it was collecting virtual dust. LOL! To be honest, I only purchased it because one of my friend's told me that I could easily use it to turn text documents into slide shows in Microsoft Powerpoint in less than 60 seconds by using some simple commands. But, now, you are telling me about another powerful feature.

Two more quick questions -

1. I am in the process of transferring my domain name from NameCheap to EasyDNS, where they will allow me to set up an A record so that my domain name points to my public IP address. When it finally does transfer, will the "www" automatically reflect my domain name? Or do I have to go in there and manually rename the file? Do you know?

*** I am only asking because DAP (DigitialAccessPass) doesn't allow their script to be installed to an IP address, it must be a domain name. ****

2. Do commenters get "thanked" in this forum like in other forums? If so, how do I "thank" you?

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And thanks for posting back with your config notes and feedback Takiyah. Sounds like everyone's happy and all is well in the world! :)

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To make it a little more readable I have posted at the bottom. The way these thread go, they get so squashed up when it's a reply to a reply to a reply, etc. So have a look down here!

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As for your questions:

1. From my experience, usually www.mydomain.com and mydomain.com will automatically direct to the same address by default, although ultimately it depends on how the host sets it up. You really need to consult with them directly to be sure.

2. You've already thanked me!

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In response to up here...

Ok so you already have Filezilla and Notepad++, the only thing I'd suggest to complete your Windows TKL toolkit is an SSH client (although you don't actually need it to follow these instructions if you have any desire to learn a bit of Linux, it's a very handy thing to have). PuTTY is the one for champions! :) You can just download the exe (that's all you need) or you can download the installer if you'd rather. That will give you local access to the commandline of your remote TKL server.

Anyway, as I said you don't actually need PuTTY for this...

To access phpMyAdmin browse to https://<TKL-appliance-doman-name>:12322 eg https://mywordpress.com:12321 There you can log in using the default root account and the password you set on first boot (same as the password you used in Filezilla). As you are using AWS you shouldn't need any extra config to get this to work.

Sounds like you should be familiar enoungh with phpMyAdmin to config the DB. Then use Notepad++ (via Filezilla) to edit the specified file - (in Filezilla) 2 single clicks to edit the name of a file, right-click >> view/edit to edit the php file, save and make sure the file has been reuploaded to your TKL with Filezilla. Sometimes it's a little slow to pop up, but a Filezilla window should show up asking if you want to upload the modified file - 'yes' you do!

Creating a new directory and uploading youre files should be pretty straight forward.

Sorry for the detail... I didn't read your post properly prior and wrote most of that as I read, then I got to: "I know how to do all of this, I just have no clue where to find the correct interfaces because I am used to CPanel on shared hosting plans." - Doh! Hopefully someone else finds it useful! :)

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