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Hey everyone,

First off I just wanna thank the devs for making such a nice LiveCD as the rails turnkey package. It was very straightforward and has been a pleasure.

I am looking to do a little comparative development so I wanted to add Joomla to my harddrive install of the Rails LiveCD. I downloaded the joomla package and placed its contents into /var/www/joomla and went to webmin to create a new virtual server within the Apache setup. However, even though I created a virtual server that acts on the address /joomla, and looks at the directory /var/www/joomla, I get a 404 whenever I go to (that IP is the server).

Even if I put the joomla contents into /var/www/railsapp/public/joomla, I still cannot access the files from

What is REALLY strange is that if I go to, I can download the php file fine. However, it wont run in my browser if I just point to the directory.

I installed PHP5 using webmin, thinking that perhaps there wasn't an interpreter on the machine, but still to no avail. I even changed permissions in the directory to 777 (dangerous, I know).


Any thoughts as to why this might be and how to get it so i can run/install Joomla?

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Joomla is not a Ruby on Rails application. It's a PHP application. We really do mean it when we say that each appliance is built with the minimum components required to serve its purpose. In the case of TurnKey Rails that purpose is running Ruby on Rails applications. TurnKey Rails doesn't even have php installed or configured.

I recommend you setup our Joomla appliance in a separate virtual machine guest. It will be much easier for you to do that then to get Joomla working in the TurnKey Rails appliance.

If you're not familiar with virtualization, check out VirtualBox, the latest version is really easy to setup.

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Alright, thanks for the reply. I understand that Joomla is a PHP app, but I guess I dind't understand how barebones the Turnkey apps are. That's great, actually. I am just doing some VERY rudimentary testing on a VERY low-end machine (my previous laptop: PIII 1.13Ghz, 512Mb PC133, etc.), so its probably not in the cards to virtualize the two separate applications.

Because Joomla is so straightforward (see: XAMPP install), I might just install it locally here, or may look into configuring PHP on the Rails app.

EDIT: Wow, getting PHP to run on this is retardedly hard. I installed it with apt-get and everything. Webmin says php5 module is running but phpinfo() doesn't show anything when I make a webpage with only that in it (<?php phpinfo(); ?>) I guess I have to take the lame way out...
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I agree with liraz - software appliances are not intended to be used as general purpose servers.

But, seeing as you are adamant to get Joomla running on the rails appliance, the easiest way would be to install it from our package repository. This way all dependencies will be installed along with it.

Make sure the universe component is uncommented, update the package cache and install joomla.
apt-get update
apt-get install joomla15
Then just point your browser to:

NOTE: You are on your own, we do not support this setup!

Good luck!
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Hey, I never said thanks for the support. Getting everything installed worked fine. however, going to http://mylocalhostip/joomla15 didnt work. I just gave up.

I am running xampp on my local machine. bah.

Thanks again for the help, hopefully this post will be a good reference for someone else out there =P

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