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Ok, i was going to write some code so i boot up the symfony appliance just like always but when i started to execute some code to the database i got "Mysqli statement execute error : Table 'articles' is read only". Then, when i tried to uplaod an image from a form i got "The given destination is not writeable". So, what's going on? All the system appears to be in read only mode !!


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If TKL is running inside a VM then the physical hard drive that the virtual filesystem resides on is also worth checking (using filesystem tools of the native OS). Sorry I haven't got time to explain more clearly step by step for you ATM but there is at least one other topic here that deals with this issue. Give you a hint for starters - you will need to boot with a Live CD (or ISO if running virtually) to be able to check the filesystem.

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I tried to fix the filesystem booting from a LiveCD with fsck -y but nothing changes.

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Did you fsck the PV (phyiscal volume - LVM) as well as the LV (logical volume)?

And as I said if it's a VM you may also need to do a chkdsk (assuming it's Windows) on the physical HDD. Personally I'd check the physical drive first, then the PV and finally the LV.

There's a few threads that may be of interest; here, here and your old thread here.

Speaking of your old thread is this a new problem or just trying some more to fix the old VM? If this is a new issue then I'd be looking carefully at the physical HDD. Unless these issues relate to 'dirty' shutdowns (ie not shutting down properly) then having this same (/similar) issue again would suggest to me that there is definately something wrong with physical storage.

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Jeremy, thanks for your help! Is a new issue so now i'm testing a new VM on another partition to see what happens.



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