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Having a little trouble logging into my new Turnkey Wordpress appliance. Just the Wordpress page.


I can log in everywhere else, but this WP thing completely destroys the usefulness of the appliance.


I've changed the password in PHPMyAdmin, and rehashed it - no joy.





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I just uninstalled the appliance. No more problems.






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Hmmm. That's a somewhat roundabout way of solving your login problem...

  1. What build version of TurnKey were you using? The ISO, the VM, EC2...

2) Did you have console access on the machine? A configuration utility of sorts runs on first boot to help you set passwords.

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Out of interest I just downloaded and installed the v11.3 TKL WordPress OVF appliance. Within 5 mins of the download finishing it was running (on VirtualBox 4.1.8 under WinXP) and I was logged in as 'admin' using the password that I set on firstboot.

So I'm not sure what was going on for you with the password setting/usage for the WP login? I'm assuming that you were using the username 'admin'?!

Perhaps your VM image got a little corrupted on download? I have had very strange minor issues with other appliances in the past that I managed to troubleshoot to (what I assume must have been only a very minor) corruption (ie the ISO/VM image didn't pass the integrity check - but for the most part installed and worked fine).

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It should be pretty easy! You'll need to google how to reset your root user password using an Ubuntu Live CD (because I can't recall OTTOMH - although IIRC there is a post somewhere here that explains...)

Then you'll need to reset the WP password by running the firstboot script.

I would imagine that it would be


or something similar, check with

ls /usr/lib/inithooks/bin/

If it's an older version then you'll need to manually edit the database. Do a google for 'reset my wordpress password" or similar... Sorry I can't give you specifics ATM...

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I just tested it and it works fine for me (username: admin password: as set with firstboot scripts). I tried a couple of different passwords to make sure it wasn't fluke (by rerunning the firstboot scripts)...

Perhaps you have a corrupted download? I'd check the download integrity (instructions in the docs).

Are you using a standard US keyboard? Also perhaps try using simple alpha-numeric characters only and then change it once you've logged in (maybe a special charaer is upsetting it?)

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As I suggested above? Unless you confirm that you actually have a corrupt download, re-downloading is a waste of time really as perhaps the WP image on the particular mirror you are accessing are corrupt? But you have no way of knowing unless you test the image integrity (both the first timae and the second). I have had that happen with SourceForge before (although not with TKL images). Downloading from a different SF mirror solved the issue. 

I have just tested a couple of different formats now (v12.0 - OVZ and VMX) to test and they both work perfectly ok for me (and took all of about 15-20 mins to test both of them)...

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Sorry to go against your wishes ("Please do not reply that you have tested this and found no problems as I have tested this and found there is a problem.") but the reality is that they work for me! I'm not saying that you are not having a problem (obviously it's not working for you) but it does work for me! There must be something in your setup and/or VM environment config (and that of others that have had the same issue) that is causing this problem.

Following your post I just freshly downloaded the ISO, VMDK and OVF builds and installed them all to VirtualBox v4.2.6 (running on Win7). I set a very simple root, MySQL root and WP admin passwords (I set them all to 'wordpress') and it all works for me... I can log in fine to SSH, local VM, Webmin, phpMyAdmin and the WP admin 'dashboard' using the appropriate username ('admin' for WP, 'root' for all others).

See the screenshots of me logged into the WordPress 'admin dashboard':


I'm not calling you a liar, but I am telling you emphatically that it works here...! I'm not sure why it doesn't work for you, but I'd sure as hell love to know why...! I didn't do anything special (just entered the root password twice, MySQL root twice and WP admin twice - I also didn't do the auto updates on the ISO for good measure, but they all worked!) and I certainly wouldn't call myself a Linux guru, but never-the-less they all worked for me...

Following the tests I did the other day I am out of options on what more I can test (unless I start downloading another VM enviroment, I tested the OVZ on ProxmoxVE (Debian 6 based) and VBox for all the others; I guess I could test the ISO in PVE too, but I'm pretty sure I know what I'd find...).

What VM platform are you using? Perhaps that's where the problem lays?

BTW they are not my products. I am just a community volunteer here...

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I bet that step was missed. Wordpress installed just fine for me. But you have to issue the turnkey-init command to properly set up the package. Some times I could not get the blooming terminal to open, so I login to my base install, then enter: vzctl enter <container number>

and then enter: turnkey-init

That correctly sets up the passwords for root, mysql and admin for WP.


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