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Apologize if this is the wrong question. I just discovered Turnkey Linux and am installing a bugzilla appliance right now for a project I am working on. The host is Opensolaris build 128a. So far I have provisioned a virtual machine in VirtualBox, provisioned a vnic and put the MAC into the DHCP table of the router. I expect to have a service definition soon and to run this headless. I already have dyndns configured at the router and soon will point port 80 traffic to this appliance. While it was installing I realized that I could stamp out appliances like crazy, but most of them have a web interface, so I need to pick and choose which one will be public-facing. Is there a proxy appliance that I can set up which will take all of the web traffic and redirect to the proper VM based on URL? To me, that seems to be the only missing piece. Great work on this stuff! Thanks!

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And yes I agree that it would be a great appliance to have! Most webservers can be configured as a reverse proxy AFAIK. And a few years ago I (unsuccessfully) attempted to configure Apache (the webserving 'A' in a LAMP stack). I have recently come across a tutorial for configuring NginX (an alternate webserver) to do this but haven't got the link handy. There is also a specifically built reverse proxy in the Ubuntu repos call 'pound'. I haven't tried it but seeing as it is purpose built I imagine that it would be relatively straight forward to configure.

PS I just created a blueprint for your idea.

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Nice!  Many thanks.

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Thank you for helping me discover pound!  Easy, intuative and works!

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I need a proxy which can change proxy with every page I'm visiting or after a fixed interval. Is this proxy can do this ?

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I suggest that you start a new thread and give some more details on what you are hoping to achieve.

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