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How to interface P2P-GUI with TKL Torrent Server.

Please help me !?

I am trying to connect to server by typing http://localhost:8080 but unable to do it please guide me:(

Please guide me step by step how to install turnkey torrent  server, so that i can use all its features.

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The TKL Torrent Server appliance already includes P2P-GUI (you can confirm this for yourself by looking on the Torrent Server appliance page). You just need to visit the ip displayed from the confconsole in a web browser (on another computer which has a network connection to the server).

PS I edited your post - posting in all caps is called 'shouting' and is often considered rude - no offence taken, just be good to remember for next time :)

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We can just keep going on this one. So I copied your comments from the other threads into the first post of this one and deleted the others.

So like I said in another post to you (perhaps your first one from the other day?) To be able to help you I will need a bit more info. Probably the 2 most important questions you need to answer for starters are:

  • Where/how have you/are you trying to install the TKL Torrent Server? eg

    • Virtual machine on a desktop (like VirtualBox, VMware Player, etc)?
    • Virtual Machine on a Hypervisor or server (like ESX/ESXi/vSphere, Hyper-V, ProxmoxVE, VMware Server, etc)?
    • Bare metal (ie directly onto a physical machine)?
    • AWS EC2 instance (eg via the Hub)?
    • a (non-AWS) VPS provider?
  • Where are you trying to connect from? This will be somewhat dependant on the answer from my first question. Eg if you are running it in VBox on your desktop and also trying to connect from there will be different to trying to connect to a remote machine.

To be honest, I'm a little confused. It sounds from your statement "I am trying to connect to server" that you have the Torrent Server appliance already running? But then you ask that someone "Please guide me step by step how to install turnkey torrent  server"?!?! Which one is it?

FYI there is (a somewhat outdated) VirtualBox tutorial which might give you some hints for starters (that is if you are actually having install problems - but I'm suspecting that your actually not...)

Once you have your appliance installed and reboot (and do the firstboot config stuff like setting passwords etc) then check the confcosole screen for the appliance IP. It should look a little like this (if you were using TKL Joomla in VirtualBox):

In that screenshot the address you would use in your web browser is (not http://localhost:8080 like you were trying).

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i am installing on a fresh machine and also im trying to connect from another computer in lan also  i am trying http://174.16.x.x:8080

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i have already installed the server but i am unable to use the p2p gui so i thought to start from begining so that may be i have done something wrong in setup process

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You need to help me out a bit more here with some more info so I can help you... So tell me more about your machines and the network...

So you're installing to hardware, was that right? What are you trying to connect from? A Windows desktop/laptop? What sort of network do you have? Ethernet cables connected via a consumer grade modem/router that connects via fibre/cable/phone line? Do you have any other network infrastructure (like a DNS and/or DNS server? If you don't know then you probably don't).

IMO it is unlikely that there is anything you could do wrong with the install (assuming that it completed successfully). So rather than jumping to conclusions about whether it's installed right or not, I'd do some troubleshooting first.

So for starters check for network connectivity between the machine? This can be quickly checked using 'ping'.

Actually that IP seems wrong for a local network... Usually they are either 10.x.x.x (more often than not just 10.0.0.x) or 192.168.x.x (often 192.168.1.x). Wikipedia says that – is also a valid private network range, but 174.x.x.x doesn't rate a mention...? Perhaps this is part of your problem? (I don't lnow enough to be sure but I haven't come across an IP like that in a private network before.

Maybe check the IP of the machine you're trying to connect from. In Windows use the 'ipconfig' command.

[edit] I just realised that the IP you listed resolves to somwhere in central US. And you may not be concerned but just in case you didn't realise that you were possibly giving away your location I edited your post to remove part of the IP.

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After instaling the server i am unable to use the basic? after re-installing i am able to use basic for the first time  but after the logout process of basic, the same problem rises again: please guide me, i have installed it on Intel board, 1 gb ram and 160gb hd, core2duo processor.

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If so that is probably your problem. By default the appliance uses DHCP to get an IP so the IP is probably changing.

Until you can provide me with more info about your network and how you are connecting to your appliance I can't help anymore.

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No In set up process i am using static ip . we are using static ip not dynamic ip

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