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Any update on support for providers other than Amazon?

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AFAIK there are no immediate plans for the Hub to support other 'cloud' providers. Whilst I know it is on Liraz & Alon's wishlist, I doubt it is a big priority (their todo list is already a mile long!) With the rise of OpenStack perhaps this will be easier to acheive in the future? Regardless I have registered a blueprint.

But if you simply mean being able to run TKL appliances from other/alternative VPS providers, then it's already possible (and happening). To see the ones that are already officially hosting TKL images have a look here.

Also it may well be likey to expand now that TKL are testing Xen images (many VPS hosts use Xen). If you'rt interested in any of the alternative providers currently on offer and/or have a preference for another provider, then contact your VPS host of choice and suggest that they register to become a TKL partner.

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There are a number of providers that expose the EC2 api - it would be useful as an interim step to be able to use the TKL hub to register appliances against those providers.

Tend to agree that tackling the multiplicity of api offerings at the moment is a large and thankless task...

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Perhaps you could list and/or link to them here and/or over on the blueprint I registered (see link above).

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FYI, we're in the process of setting of a global mirror network with support for rsync and ftp to make it easier for users to grab the entire TurnKey library (e.g., for a private cloud or public VPS setup).

Hopefully once we remove the friction involved in offering TurnKey more VPS/cloud providers will support it and users will have more options besides Amazon, though I expect Amazon will remain one of the most powerful/economical offerings in the market.

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I've built a managed VPS small cloud system using some big name backend software similar to openstack.   I will be looking into using TKL templates for some of the clients to chose for their VPS.

It's pretty hush hush as far as promotion right now.  It will stay small and offer many perks like excellent support.  Not the usual VPS type hosting that's all about oversubscribing.

I'm only offering these VPS's to small business's (1 to 50 users) that want a full server OS VM like plain Centos/Debian/Ubu, Win SBS, plain win server versions, Amahi (Ubu12/Fed14/17) , ClearOS, Zentyal and SME Server 8(Centos5). 

Access wil be by VPN, SSH, RDP, VNC or plain IP.  No web hosters allowed but company web sites are allowed and encouraged.    

PM/email me for details if interested.

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