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I am trying to get Magento appliance up and running but am having difficutly.  I was not able to ping either host -> guest or guest -> host in host only adapter mode.  I disabled the Windows firewall and with still no luck I also ran a wireshark capture and the only thing I'm seeing is an ARP request and reply but no other traffic.

So I decided to see if I could access the webadmin locally by installing KDE and I wasn't able to access that either.  I can see that apache2 is running (ps -aux) and I've verified the IP address.  Would there be a config setting I could be missing?

So first I just want to be able to access the webadmin or magento locally and then I can work on getting the host to guest issue resolved.

Thanks for any help.


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I'm going to assume you are using VMWare Player/Workstation on Windows, if nothing else, because that's what I use and have a possible answer for, and it's something that has everything to do with VMWare and nothing with TKL really.

This is something that gets me every time I use host only: VMWare should have created two new network connections in your computer called 'VMware Network Adapter VMnet1' and 'VMware Network Adapter VMnet1'. You have to change the IP address for the VMnet1 connection to an unused address in the same range than your host and your VM. For instance if your host pc has an address of and your VM is, you can change the address of the VMnet1 adapter to 192.168.0.xxx where xxx is anything from 3 to 255.

Hope this helps.

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It sounds like you are using VirtualBox or something similar? If you have freshly installed it (VBox that is) perhaps reboot Windows (I have had virtual NIC driver issues resolved like that). Another thing to try may be trying it in Bridged mode (it should work fine in host only but worth a shot). It is expected behaviour to not be able to install software into your VM in host only mode as your VM won't have any internet connection.

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Thanks for the replies Kim and Jeremy here are are some points of clarification.


I am using virtualbox but if I can't get it working soon I might switch.


I was able to install KDE within the guest through a NAT connection (switched back to Host Only) but my issue is trying to bring up the webadmin within the guest which I would expect to work.  So I'm thinking there maybe some Apache configuration issue but I'm really not sure and very new to Linux as a whole so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks again

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I was being stupid please disregard the my not being able to access the webmin within the guest I didn't add the port info at the end.

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I just installed VirtualBox 4.1.12 (from the Ubuntu repos) and installed TKL Drupal 7 appliance (from ISO) to a new VM with 'Host only' networking. Once installed it worked fine OOTB - ping both ways, open the main page in a browser as well as Webmin. In fairness this is on a Bodhi Linux 2.1 netbook (Based on Ubuntu 12.04) so the setup isn't quite the same as yours. My suspicion is a Windows/VirtualBox vNIC driver issue. Perhaps try a new or older version of VBox (newer if you don't have the latest - older if you have the latest). I do recall ages ago having a somewhat similar issue in Windows (IIRC just uninstalling and reinstalling the same version fixed it).

Out of interest have you tried Bridged networking? That's what I default to for convienience.

Also if you do get it working in host-only you could always add a second vNIC in NAT mode so that you can get updates etc (save you having to change the existing vNIC to get internet).

And my final 2c - It's probably somewhat irrelevant now, but next time you want to install a desktop, to reduce the amount of stuff you need to download, and keep your appliance light weight I highly recommend LXDE rather than KDE, it's much smaller, lighter and just as easy to use (IMO anyway). My personal favourite desktop is Enlightment (E17) but I'm not sure if it is in the Debian repos

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The one here? It doesn't sound like it...

If you are, then it's better to start your own thread (in the support section) rather than hijacking some else's thread with a question that is not really relevant.

If not then you are probably best off contacting the Magento community regarding Magento questions (they probably have forums and/or a mailing list).

But while we're here I suggest that you try unzipplig your file first and upload it as a .sql file (rather then a .zip).

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