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I've just set up a turnkey ushahidi instance. However it is an old version (v2.3.2) instead of the current version (v2.6.1). I tried to use the automatic ushahidi upgrade function, but it reports that the download failed.

I'm guessing that some form of FTP is required, so I followed instructions here (as mentioned elsewhere on turnkey site): - and installed vsftpd

I've also opened port 21 on the instance and tried to create a user via webmin, but this whole process has not worked - the upgrades still fail to download.

Can someone please suggest a way to fix this and get the current version of ushahidi.

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So can't provide any specific answers or help, but I'm curious what makes you think that it is an issue with FTP? I would think it more likely an issue with your network eg a firewall or something (unless of course you have some specific errors).

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Hi Jeremy.  Thanks for your reply.


Basically there's an automatic upgrade function in Ushahadi, but it wants FTP details. I thought I needed to install FTP to get the critical Ushahadi updates. 
To check/verify, try this ... (needs no Ushahadi experience)
- Create a Turnkey Ushahadi instance
- Login to the Ushahadi admin interface
- A message will display indicating that a Ushahadi upgrade is available, with a "click here to upgrade link"
- Clicking on the link displays information about a Critical Upgrade to v 2.6.1
- There is an "Automatic Upgrade (BETA)" option (which asks for FTP details) - which is what I tried to use - and a Manual Upgrade, which seems like a fair bit of messing around without FTP access.
In the automatic upgrade option my local PC and network is not involved  - it seems to try downloading directly from the Ushahidi site - so I don't think its a firewall/network issue.
Looking at things, it seemed to me that FTP was not installed and there was no port for this (though I'm no expert). However it seemed that I did need FTP in order to install the critical upgrades via automatic or manual means.
Please let me know if I've missed something daft/obvious or there is another Turnkey version with the critical upgrades installed.
Thanks & regards
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I just had a go and get the same error as you. But from what I gather it seems that it is an issue with Ushahadi itself. I set up vsftpd (with a new user which I added to the www-data group so it had write access to the desired location). I tested it by logging in (using Filezilla - FTP on port 21) and FTP is working fine (I can log in with my new user and go to the desired folder fine) but Ushahadi still errors...

It creates the folder in the desired place but won't download (and doesn't seem to be timing out as it responds way too fast IMO. The only other thought that struck me is that the first box almost seems to suggest to me that if you are under v2.4 then you need to upgrade to v2.4 first (before you do the 2.6 upgrade).

I can't be sure, but that's what it suggests to me... Regardless, it looks like you'll need to have a go at the manual upgrade. Sure clicking a button is easier, but the manual upgrade doesn't look too hard, just follow the step-by-step....

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Thanks very much for your help. Yes, it seems "BETA" Ushahadi update link is what matters. I'll take the manual approach. And your explanation of getting FTP going has given me a clue on what I've probably missed in my FTP setup - thanks again.

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If you have issues with the manual update I'd check Ushahidi forums/mailing list first (in case it has already been answered) but if you get stuck let me know (post here again) and I'll see if I can help at all (although no promises). The more info you can provide (like exact error messages etc) the easier it will be to help you.

Good luck!

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