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Ive been following your development for the past few months and I have to say congratulations on the great work. I have a few ideas for new apps that would be really popular.

1) apache with support for mod mono ( An ASP.Net appliance)

2) iFolder Server (effectively a dropbox server)

Hope some of this helps. Both are quite easy to impliment on Ubuntu (or so Im told).

Keep up the great work!


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Those are good suggestions.  ASP.Net on Linux..  Interesting idea.  Lets get all those Windows servers out of the picture!

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Thanks for suggesting these! The use case for an ASP.NET replacement is especially appealing. iFolder looks interesting as well. Occasionally users suggest something that is already on our todo list but in this case I'm left wondering why I didn't think of that.

So we'll take a close look at these for our next release batch. And as usual, if anyone from the community is interested in exploring these ideas using tklpatch that would be a big help.

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I have a friend that is part of a .NET user group where he presented on using mono to create a .NET platform on linux. I'll have to ask him if he's either willing to recreate the VM he made using TKL or at least if he could upload any notes about how he created it with whatever distro that he used.

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Here is a Ubuntu page on ModMono:


Since the TKL appliances run on Ubuntu, it seems like it would work.  The devil is always in the details though!

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Thanks for the suggestions Drew. I think iFolder is exactly what I was looking for for my workplace. I've been mucking around trying to use Dropbox for my purposes but that is a much, much better solution and OpenSource too! Yay!

And it seems the client software is cross platform (which is also what I require - WinXP desktops, Ubuntu Netbooks).

I won't promise anything Liraz but I hope to have a look at this soon (I'll add it to my things to do list!) Also I have registered an iFolder blueprint.

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Yeah!!! Not stupid ideas!!! :D I was wondering if I should suggest these for a while, but I wasn't really sure... Glad to see they may be of some help!

There is one thing to be mentioned though on the asp.net side of things. Ubuntu themselves are trying to stay away from anything to do with Mono since the Richard Stallman/GNOME incident (They are removing f-spot photo manager from the next release because it's built with Mono). Not sure if you mind the party politics of Linux or not, but I thought it was worth mentioning. 

I think, from what I've seen, that you should only have to add one or two packages to your Apache appliance to turn it into an ASP.Net appliance; so its a handy from that point of view. 

Also while I know your focus is on the server side of things if anyone has an interest of putting together the iFolder client with the ZFS time line snapshot function of SUN Solaris it would allow for cron like automation of backing up folders with GNOME. 

Hopefully should have a few more server ideas over the next few days. (I'm trying to start with the easy ones first!!!)

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We have a huge amount of respect for Richard Stallman and the free software foundation, but we try stay away from politics. There are better uses for our energy. Besides, I think only a tiny minority of users care deeply about that sort of stuff.

For us open source is a just good way to reach out and give back while building up a framework for community-enabled collaboration that will allow the project to reach it's potential and help as many users as possible. I've always believed that open source is one of the most powerful forces shaping technology, and it's very satisfying to be a part of that. Reaching thousands of real users, bridging the gap between what is available and what is actually being used. It's wonderful.

Note, regarding client side appliances, TurnKey is focused on the server side applications right now but we do plan on expanding the project's scope at some point to include specialized client-side applications as well (e.g., Live CD rescue disks, media center application, video/audio workstations, software development studios, etc.). Just imagine, with the help of the community we could create a library of TurnKey solutions that would bring the best of open source to everyone. Not just alpha geeks. That's the vision anyway. We're just getting started...

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They really do take things a bit far to be honest. It was just in case scenario. I'm a complete tech whore so Ill just use the best tool for the job!! :P (I use Turnkey so its a good thing!!!)

On the iFolder side of things, there's no client side app available directly in the Ubuntu repo's and there's no prepackaged .debs either.. It was just an interesting idea in case anyone had some free time on their hands! :-)


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