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Just downloaded/configured turnkey-jenkins-12.0 - which runs jenkins 1.464, I'd like to upgrade it to latest (1.513 as shown in jenkins UI) as some of the Android based plugins require it. I'm a linux newbie so apolgies if it's just a case of dumping the updated jenkins war file somewhere. 
how can I do this? or am I tied to the turnkey build of jenkins?  
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So the typical tomcat deployment by replacing the jenkins.war at /var/lib/tomcat6/webapps/jenkins seems to work (make sure you take backups encase it doesn't)

I had to alter permissions on jenkins.war so that tomcat could read/unpack it. 

Logged in to jenkins and shows version 1.513 yay! 

however in the admin console there was an noification about security issue that linked to

I followed the link in the noification to reKey, that completed ok. boom! all good on the latest jenkins. 

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