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I just launched my second appliance, phpBB, but can't log in. I assumed this will use the default username of admin (no caps) but it won't accept the password I created during the setup. Are some characters forbidden? is there a way to change the admin password if I can't log in using it?

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But IIRC it was 'admin' but I can't be totally sure... Perhaps doublecheck the appliance page...

It is possible that there are limitations/issues with some special characters (it has happened before) although I have know idea whether that is a possibility with this appliance... 

This post I just did on another thread covers your question (and more that isn't relevant to you...).

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Thanks, Jeremy. I took that appliance down and re-created a new one with a different admin password. I don't have a list, but some characters are apparently not allowed. I had the ">" in the password; new appliance was set up without that and it worked. I'll check out the post you linked to--and thanks for your reply.

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