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New install of Drupal 7, treid both OVF and ISO image, same issue.

When installed, access web interface and login as admin, password's correct, however getting access denied Please help..


Access denied

You are not authorized to access this page. 
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I just did a Drupal6 install of the OVF as a test for a change on an existing site. The first page that comes up has the login on the left, however, if you read the content, it says to go to the installation page (sorry, don't have the link). There you can set up your admin account.

The admin account passwords you set up were for the TKL root access and the MySQL database, not Drupal.

Cheers, Drew

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And/or are you using a US key board?

I have just tested the 12.1 Drupal7 appliance and with a simple text only password it worked fine for me (username: admin; password: <simple-text>

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