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Trying to use TURИKEY Linux inside QEMU-KVM host (CentOS 6.4)  with these (little obsolete nowadays)

Mounted LVM volumes:

[root@KVMHostCentos ~]# kpartx -av /home/kvm/turnkey-redmine-13.raw.img
add map loop0p1 (253:3): 0 876544 linear /dev/loop0 122880
add map loop0p2 (253:4): 0 38060032 linear /dev/loop0 1001472

[root@ KVMHostCentos ~]# vgchange -ay turnkey
2 logical volume(s) in volume group "turnkey" now active

[root@ KVMHostCentos ~]# mount /dev/turnkey/root /mnt/turnmineLVM


then i've got


[root@ KVMHostCentos  ~]# ssh root@IP.AD.DR.ESS -p 22
ssh: connect to host port 22: Connection refused
[root@ KVMHostCentos ~]#


How to add console (TTY S01) to GRUB2 menu? Im afraid if it even possible using direct config editing without running config-scripts commands! Is it possibe to run Debian config scripts such as grub-mkconfig under CentOS chroot? How to achieve my purpose? Run with full path? OR what?


How to completely disable (turn off) netfilter (iptables ruled firewall)? Any ideas? Script? Config?


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VirtualBox Loading Initial ramdisk



in VB under Win7 with no result


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I too have had trouble running the 64 bit images under VirtualBox on Win7 (x64). This is despite having a CPU that definitely should support it and ensuring that all the appropriate options are enabled in BIOS! I think it may be a VirtualBox bug as Win7 x64 won't install to a VM either...

I have resorted to running the 32 bit versions of TKL if I want to run them on my laptop, otherwise I have a (headless) ProxmoxVE server which I use TKL OVZ templates on (or you can alternatively run under KVM if you prefer).

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