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I am new to TURNKEY to start. The idea sounds great but thus far I am having problems. I have used the Bugzilla solution found here ( and have had great results up to the point when I wanted to add/install LDAP support. 

I have putty'd into the box and ran and it tells me to run the following command to add LDAP support.

/usr/bin/perl Net::LDAP

Running that gives me the following errors messages

ERROR: Using requires that you install a compiler, such as

ERROR: Using requires that you install "make".

I've done countless Google searches and due to my lacking Linux skills I am just not understanding how to solve this issue. 

I've tried adding PER5LIB to .profile but realized I can't locate the PER5LIB location on this machine. I have tried running apt-get install build-essential​  but that does not help. 

What am I missing? What am I overlooking? I am sure this is something rather simple that my Windows brain is overlooking. I am trying.....I am learning. Any help to keep me on that path would be appreciated. 



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Sometimes, when you install perl modules (like you are doing with Net::LDAP), you will need to compile some C/C++ code... which requires the compiler.


The easiest way to do this on TKL (or any Debian/Ubuntu derivitive) is to run:

"apt-get update"

- This command will update the system with information about the currently available packages

"apt-get install build-essential"

- This command will install packages which are essential to compiling C/C++ code (compilers, make, etc)



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