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I've tried both on Ubuntu x64 and on Windows x86 computers, with a fresh download of Turnkey Lamp and VMVirtualBox. Same error: after start, it remains like this:

Loading Linux 2.6-32-5-amd64 ....

Loading initial ramdisk ...

I've tried configurations from VirtualBox like: enable/disable PAE/NX, IO APIC, allocate 128 mb ram, 256 or 512. nothing worked for me.

Also tried DokuWiki machine and Twiki

Can anybody help ?


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Because we have ~100 images in about 7 formats, with each image sized between ~200MB & 1GB, that adds up quite significantly and can get quite expensive to host...

Also WRT 32 bit (i.e. i386) builds, they were deprecated in v14.1 and have been discontinued for v14.2. So there will be no new ones created. From here on in, all TurnKey is 64 bit (i.e. amd64).

The old i386 builds of (most of) v14.1 appliance ISOs are currently still on the mirror, but I can't guarantee for how long. Here's the link for v14.1 LAMP:

If you are after something else, please have a poke around on the mirror.

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Just out of interest: I tried installing turnkey-lamp-12.1-squeeze-amd64.iso

My host is Windows 8 on Amd Phenom processor, but the installation was rejected saying an i686 was detected.

I decided to carry on using which has given me no problems and I checked that it can still be used on a new virtual machine today.

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And most modern hardware should support it OOTB (if running on bare metal). But if you are running it as a VM then you may need to make some adjustments to your BIOS to get it to run in a virtual environment (this will apply to Win 64 bit as a VM too).

Generally enabling CPU virtual extensions (Intel-VT or AMD-V depending on processor) will do the trick although some virtual environments may also require settings adjustment. The 'i386' (i.e. 32 bit version) should run fine regardless... FYI all the appliances in their various builds are available from the TKL SourceForge Files page.

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I have updated the docs as you suggested. For future reference they are a wiki so feel free to adjust them yourself (although I think you need to create a user account and be logged in...).

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If so I assume you have tried the fix noted in this thread (i.e. tell VirtualBox that it's a 64 bit OS)!?

Next, are you running a 64 bit host OS? Also, can you successfully launch other 64 bit OS in VirtualBox? If not perhaps you need to enable VM support in BIOS? Or perhaps your hardware is not 64 bit capable?

Regardless of the above answers one workaround may be to download the 32 bit version and install that... 32 bit (and 64 bit) versions can be downloaded from TKL's SourceForge page either in ISO or VMDK formats - for 32 bit look for i386 in the filename (amd64 = 64 bit).

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I haven't used a new motherboard recently but I recall when I used to build a fair few computers a couple of years ago; AMD motherboards had it default to enabled whereas Intel ones seemed to default to disabled. Not sure why...

Regardsless, I'm glad you got it working! :)

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I have posted your feature request as a 'bug' (because TBH it actually is a bug IMO) on our issue tracker. See

FWIW there has also been a request/suggestion of releasing an OVA instead/as well as. Do you have thoughts or input into that? Forum thread GitHub Feature Request

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