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Hello!  I've heard about Turnkey before and finaly want to take the plunge and try it out!  I have several cheep VPS machines to play with, but none of my service providers have turnkey images available to install as a fresh server image!


Is there a way to install a turnkey or an appliance overtop of an  existing Ubuntu/Debian VPS image?  Such as, i have my server reinstall  ubuntu to it's basic install, and then sudo apt-get install turnkey?  if it were that easy i think i  would have come across someone mentioning that at this point, so any advice, directions, or guidance would be apriciated!

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Firstly, no unfortunately it is not quite that easy... :(

Quite some time ago, a TKL user reported successfully rsyncing a TKL server over the top of a non-TKL Linux VPS. Apparently it all worked fine... Unfortunately he never got back to us with the details of exactly what/how he did it, nor did he report back on how stable it was...

If you want to have a crack at that then I suggest start with a Debian 7.2 (aka Wheezy - it's what TKL v13 is based on) appliance on your VPS and the desired TKL appliance running in a local VM and rsync from the local appliance to the VPS. There will be a number of folders that you won't want to include in the rsync, e.g. /dev /proc /tmp and probably others (I can't think of any more OTTOMH ATM but I'm sure there would be...). In theory it should work fine, but in practice things rarely work like they should in theory!

Out of interest, who is your VPS provider? Maybe I can ask if they'd be interested in hosting some TKL appliances? Which ones in particular were you interested in? I don't know if they'll be keen. And even if they are, I don't know how long it will take, but it could be worth a shot?

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My primary hosts are Chicago VPS and BlueVM(Love the Feather VPS Manager!), as well as others i grabbed up in LEB deals ;).  I am interested in XMPP servers, Wordpress, and Ruby servers(For Diaspora!), amongst others, and this is much due to  weird issues getting things like MySQL or node.js working consistantly upon instlation and  basic config/setup. 

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Just a quick update. I am in discussions with BlueVM and it sounds promising. I haven't yet spoken with Chicago VPS yet...

I'll update when I have more.

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Thanks for posting because I meant to post back here to say that it should be done...

But it sounds like all is not well :(

So it appears to only be the OpenVPN one then?

AFAIK they only have them as OVZ containers, so I'll test the OpenVPN on my Proxmox server (under OVZ) and see if i can reproduce it there...

Thanks again for the heads up!

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I installed OpenVPN on my Proxmox server last night, but haven't had a chance to get any further than that... If you haven't heard anything further in a day or 2 please feel free to bump.

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Hi Jeremy, 

I do need your help mate.

I had a KVM vps and the only thing I did was sending .ISO link to the support team, asked them to mount it and then booted up my server from ISO and proceed with the installation.

Now, I got a OpenVZ vps with Debian7 OS from cheapvps [dot] co [dot] uk , also downloaded the Turnkey Openvpn v13.0(OpenVZ) but I don't know how to start the installation!

I really appreciate your help.

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I doubt that it is something that you would be able to do yourself. I would imagine that they would need to upload the openvz template to their server and set it up for you. They might be quite happy to do that? Perhaps they'd be interested in becoming a TurnKey Linux hosting partner and hosting our images for yourself and other customers?

Alternatively you could contact one of our existing partners that host TurnKey Linux already.

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