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I'm checking out the new Observium appliance and was hoping to get some guidance on how to configure the email settings so i am able to receive alert emails. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Did you check Observium site I hopr below links can help.




I did launch it on Amazon EC2, unfortunately it didn't work kept saying "No reply on community public using v1"

Did you manage to get it eworking?


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So if it's not working OOTB, then there are 2 possibilities OTTOMH:

  • There is a bug in the TKL appliance - although TBH I'm not convinced of that, but stranger things have happened! :)
  • Your server/IP has been blacklisted and any mail is being blocked. This is a common issue with internet connections that have dynamic IPs. It can also happen with hosting companies (often have dodgey users that are sending spam, then you get allocated their old IP when they get kicked...)
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The appliance has been working quite well on our network besides the email portion which we could never get functioning.

Anyone have success with this aspect yet?

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I was wondering the same thing. I tried setting it up as well and couldnt' get it working


according to "Adam Armstrong" (bottom of the page) http://jira.observium.org/browse/OBSERVIUM-652

"Alerts in CE version are deprecated and not expected to work."


Guess it's time for (us) me to look tutorials in setting up sendmail and integrating it.

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Thanks for the heads up Chris
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I was hoping the new release would have a fix, but that doesn't appear to be the case.


Maybe the next release will...

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There is only legacy alerting code in the community edition currently, and it doesn't work properly.

Once development of the new alerting system is complete, it'll be pushed down to CE. It doesn't make sense for us to release unfinished code in CE as it's only updated every 6 months and would generate an avalanche of support queries for long-since-fixed bugs.

So don't bother with it for now. No alerting capability is as intended.

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It sounds like many TurnKey Observium users are hanging out for this feature are looking forward to it being re-added...! :)

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I added two emails in the contact list of observium alerts but iAM not receiving any alerts or push notifications 

How can I link the contacts in the contact lists to the alerts checkers or alerts

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The alerts only work with the subscription version. I set my contacts up in the config.php file.

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How to configure the email settings in Observium so i am able to receive alert emails. Any one please provide steps for Observium community edition email alert configuration in config.php.

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As noted (even in the post directly above yours) that the email alerts does not work in the community version.
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I need more information how I can configure the mail parameters..

Best Regards

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As noted a number of times previously in this thread, Observium Community Edition doesn't currently support email notifications.

If you have purchased the subscription version of Observium, I suggest you check their documentation and/or contact their support mailing list.

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Alerting is functional as of a couple of years ago. It's not advertised and very much not supported because of the release schedule. This is particularly relevant since Turnkey doesn't usually update the appliance until a year or so after release! :D The majority of alerting/emailing issues seem to be related to people filling the config.php with every setting they can find prior to trying to send alerts, and then not seeing if removing them all works. It usually does. Setting lots of settings usually results in a broken/frankenstein SMTP/Sendmail configuration. Removing all of the settings usually makes it start working! BTW, the reply system here is very broken. It deletes my comment when I click "preview", and then the captcha fails twice in a row, also deleting the comment each time...
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Thanks so much for the correction Adam. I really appreciate that!

And apologise on the state of our website too, it's in desperate need of some love... :(

Yes, I know our release schedule leaves plenty of room for improvement too! :( We're working hard on fixing that, but as resourcing is one of our biggest hurdles. We have made some backend infrastructure tweaks which should (at least in theory) improve things. It means that we can update single appliances, rather than needing to update everything. So for projects such as yours with a stable release cycle, we're hoping to be able to keep things up to date a bit better.

But back to the issue at hand, all appliances have a local MTA configured (postfix). That allows users to use generic scripts/instructions to configure a remote SMTP relay.

Now that I'm aware that's back up and running, I'll make sure the next release includes email sending pre-configured and working!

Thanks again for the update.

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Ahh. If the appliance is shipped with a working postfix, the user shouldn't need to configure much beyond :  $config['email']['default']      = "user@domain.com"; $config['email']['from']         = "Observium <observium@domain.com>"; $config['email']['default_only'] = TRUE;   The final line disables Observium's originally designed behaviour of sending alerts to the device's configured sysContact. Is there anything we can do to make releases easier? IIRC historically there have been a few issues with the appliances sometimes.
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Thanks tons for the pointers with that. We'll be sure to include that in out next release.

Unfortunately, there's nothing anyone external can do to help just now. We're currently in the process of upgrading the base OS to Debian Stretch (the last release was Jessie based) so almost everything else has ground to a halt.

We were already running way behind schedule when we started and unfortunately, we've hit way more issues that we anticipated. Whilst it's incredibly frustrating, there's been some very valuable lessons for us to learn along the way. We're concurrently trying to build in fixes for internal friction points as we go this time around.

That's been a double edged sword though, extending the dev time of this release, but hopefully improving the release cycle once we finally get v15.0 out the door.

So long story short, fingers crossed we should have the next release of the library, inc a v15.0 Observium appliance with your latest build (available at build time) within the next month or so. Although we'll have to see how that timeframe goes.

Moving on from that, once we have v15.0 released, then we should be able to simply rebuild everytime you put out a new version. The grand plan is to automate as much of this as we can. We'll still do the final testing manually, but the build and preliminary testing should all be automated where possible.

So one thing that would be incredibly useful (post v15.0 release) would be new Observium release notifications. I have previously looked to see if you had anything like that (i.e. release feed, or announcement mailing list), but I couldn't find anything quite like that!? Did I miss something?

PS I generally prefer to have these discussions publicly, so this is great. But if you ever want to get in touch directly/privately, please feel free to ping me via jeremy AT turnkeylinux.org.

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Adam Armstrong in the next update of observium CE will fix the email alert with stmp...??? This update should be at april 2018??? Im new at observium and sorry for the dummy questions
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Have you double checked the config as per what Adam posted above?

If you have, then it should "just work". If it's still not working, then it is possible that your port 25 is being blocked, or your IP address has been blacklisted. You should be able to work around both of these, either by enabling an SMTP relay in Postfix, or by configuring Observium to use a remote SMTP directly.

If your server isn't able to send emails, then I suggest configuring a system level Postfix SMTP relay is preferable, as then you'll also get system emails (such as notifications about TKLBAM issues and other system notices). If you are running v14.2 then you can do that within the Mail relay section of Confconsole. Or you can also configure it manually.

Alternatively, if you wish to just configure Observium itself, then please follow their docs on that config.

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First of all thanx Jeremy Davis for the information that you give me :). I have another problem now with the observium virtual image (ova) of turnkey. First is very slow and out of date. I have a problem when i get the last version of observium on ubuntu (even if i upgrade from turnkey observium virtual image). Some device (Emerson Power) are ok in old release of observium (the release that is in the turnkey ova image)... When i upgrade or make a new virtual machine with the new version of observium this device can not be added anymore. There is no reply from v1 ore v2c public community ... Is very strange... Why in the old release this device (Emerson Power ) are ok can be added and monitored, and  in the new release is not posible anymore.....  The new release of observium is very fast and its ok with the other device. Thnx folks.
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Observium version can't affect wether the net-snmp tools recieve a response from your device. You likely have another problem causing this.
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But if it is another problem with my observium why in old release i can add this device and in the new device i cant add this device anymore??? In the new version i can add all other device but this specific device cant be added. In wich in the old release i can add this device
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There is no real way to cause what you're describing. The SNMP communication is done by external binaries which are independent of Observium. Changing the Observium version won't change anything to do with the net-snmp binaries ability to communicate. The first step of troubleshooting this sort of thing is to verify that you can manually communicate with the device via the net-snmp tools from the Observium host.
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I have try with snmpwalk from observium host and the result is the same... No reply on community public v1 or v2... I try with the MIB Browser and there is ok  and give me the .1.3...... all the info are there...
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Then this has nothing to do with Observium and is almost certainly a firewall (or less likely a mistyped community string) problem. Rule #1 of troubleshooting: It's always the firewall.
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The firewall is not installed or running.... If there was a firewall problem should be even with other devices i think....??? Not only with Emerson Power Device... anyway with Observium CE is ok with the new version of observium no....nothing has change in the same system without firewall... the only change that i made is upgrading the observium  
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There is no way upgrading Observium can affect wether the net-snmp binaries can communicate. This is NOT an Observium problem. snmpget/snmpwalk are NOT part of Observium.
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http://docs.observium.org/updating/ in the end is an upgrade to the last major release. Anyway i have installed in a fresh virtual machine from the scratch with the manual ther is in the observium webiste.
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I Have try on observium host with command ./add_device.php public v1/2c .... and the response is:                      Try to add                     Trying v2c community public ...                     No reply on community public using v2c.
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Another problem that i see is : Cannot find module (LM-SENSORS-MIB): At line 0 in (none)
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So unless my info is out of date, I'm pretty sure that's your issue with `./add_device.php`instead you'll need to have a DNS (or hosts file, etc) entry for your device first (which points to it's IP address).

As for the other issue, I recall seeing that somewhere along the line but I'm pretty sure, it was fixed for the newest TurnKey release (and sorry, I don't recall the cause).

Whilst you are right and the current TurnKey release has an out of date copy of Observium, you should be able to update it really easily as per the upstream Observium docs. As Adam notes, updating that shouldn't change how the MIBs operate.

If you want the best possible Observium experience, then it's probably worth upgrading to the subscription edition of Observium.

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Jeremy Davis thnx for the response. The observium server reach the device but can`t get any reply from the snmp v1 public community... So i think if he find the device and get ping reply from him the dns server dose not do much thing in this... Anyway i will try what you say and give an response :). Thnx anyway :)
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Jeremy Davis i added the device on my dns server and nothing has changed.... :)

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