Observium Email Setup

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I'm checking out the new Observium appliance and was hoping to get some guidance on how to configure the email settings so i am able to receive alert emails. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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Did you check Observium site I hopr below links can help.

I did launch it on Amazon EC2, unfortunately it didn't work kept saying "No reply on community public using v1"

Did you manage to get it eworking?


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So if it's not working OOTB, then there are 2 possibilities OTTOMH:

  • There is a bug in the TKL appliance - although TBH I'm not convinced of that, but stranger things have happened! :)
  • Your server/IP has been blacklisted and any mail is being blocked. This is a common issue with internet connections that have dynamic IPs. It can also happen with hosting companies (often have dodgey users that are sending spam, then you get allocated their old IP when they get kicked...)
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The appliance has been working quite well on our network besides the email portion which we could never get functioning.

Anyone have success with this aspect yet?

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I was wondering the same thing. I tried setting it up as well and couldnt' get it working


according to "Adam Armstrong" (bottom of the page)

"Alerts in CE version are deprecated and not expected to work."


Guess it's time for (us) me to look tutorials in setting up sendmail and integrating it.

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Thanks for the heads up Chris
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I was hoping the new release would have a fix, but that doesn't appear to be the case.


Maybe the next release will...

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There is only legacy alerting code in the community edition currently, and it doesn't work properly.

Once development of the new alerting system is complete, it'll be pushed down to CE. It doesn't make sense for us to release unfinished code in CE as it's only updated every 6 months and would generate an avalanche of support queries for long-since-fixed bugs.

So don't bother with it for now. No alerting capability is as intended.

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It sounds like many TurnKey Observium users are hanging out for this feature are looking forward to it being re-added...! :)

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I added two emails in the contact list of observium alerts but iAM not receiving any alerts or push notifications 

How can I link the contacts in the contact lists to the alerts checkers or alerts

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The alerts only work with the subscription version. I set my contacts up in the config.php file.

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How to configure the email settings in Observium so i am able to receive alert emails. Any one please provide steps for Observium community edition email alert configuration in config.php.

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As noted (even in the post directly above yours) that the email alerts does not work in the community version.

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