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Hi, I have been using a few appliance for quite some time now. Recently I have downloaded tomcat appliance

and installed it in citrix zenserver. After I changed the tomcat port, i tried to restart tomcat, which i am not able to do so. It thows an error.

"tomcat6start-stop-daemon: unable to stat /usr/lib/jvm//bin/java (No such file or directory)"

Notice the double slash after jvm. I tried to fix it with my limited knowledge of linux, but could not fix it.

Any help in this regard would be highly appreiciated.

Thanks in advance.


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As my guess is that somewhere along the line it has got corrupted (not sure how or why)...

Beyond that I'm not much help as my Java/Tomcat knowledge is very limited. Google may provide some asistance if you keep in mind that TKL is based on Debian - V12.x is based on Debian 6/Squeeze & v13.x based on Debian 7/Wheezy

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I checked the java variable and also googled it for a solution. I think, they have customized the configuration of the tomcat. So am not sure where to edit the JAVA_HOME entry. I remember finding an entry in /etc/environment, and if i edit that, tomcat doesn't even start.

As of now, i am using a older, working version, till I find a solution for this problem. 

Anyway thanks for the reply Jeremy.

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My very limited experience with Tomcat was mostly getting Alfresco running as a testing prototype for work. I had a really strange issue where all was good and then it wouldn't restart. It ended up being that I had adjusted the hostname... (Apparently Tomcat doesn't like that unless it is done right...!)

Not that I'm suggesting that that is your problem, but I couldn't for the life of me work out what it was until I restarted the whole process with a clean install and documented EVERY single thing I did post install. Might be worth a try...?

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As i have abandoned the xenserver project for some reason, I'll close this issue. The older VMWare version is still working for me, and I will continue with that, till there is a need for a newer version.

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Let us hope that it gets fixed at the earliest.

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I just updated the github issue with what I found quicky. I think that should get you going until the turnkey guys can get it resolved. If they don;t get to it soon, I'll clone the repo and submit a pull request when I get a few moments.

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But it will only appear in future appliance builds. In the meantime Alon has provided a quick workaround on Github:

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Thank you all, for all the help. I really apreciate the effort you guys have put in, for the workaround.

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modify file /etc/environment,

for use openjdk 1.6

set JAVA_HOME as follow:



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FWIW the fix has already been applied to the appliance code. It's that the updated appliance (from the fixed code) has not yet been released.

Using TKLDev, I could build an updated ISO right now (and it'd be ready in about 10 minutes I reckon...) But the problem is that I don't have the 'keys' to SourceForge nor access to the rest of the build infrastructure (to create all the different build types).

Bottom line is that it doesn't take 6 mths to release one new appliance. But historically updated appliances have only been released as a batch (i.e. the whole library). And taking care of all bugfixes and maintenance requirements at once can take a bit of time...

However I think that your critique is valid. I think that something needs to change here in the way appliances (especially ones with 'showstopper' bugs - even if the fix is easy) are released...

Personally I would like to see 'micro' versions (e.g. 13.0.1) released out of band for appliances with 'showstopper' bugs. I think that we should see if we can make that happen following the released of TurnKey v13.1!

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