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I have standard TKLBAM using the standard S3 bucket. I'd like to setup a secondary instance to another S3 bucket I have setup. How should I proceed? Explicit steps would be great.

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No takers?

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Have you tried re-issuing tklbam-backup with the --address option?

The manual page documents all of the available command line options and supported storage backends:

man tklbam-backup

I just synced the web version:


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Ok, the address option looks like what I need. What steps are needed for the credentials/keys for the S3 bucket though?

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Sorry that no one has been back to help you out. TBH I am not really sure how you go about supplying credentials to access an S3 bucket like this (via TKLBAM or any other way for that matter)...

So I had a bit of a google and TBH after a heap of time spent, I am none the wiser... I actually thought this would be pretty easy to answer (my google-fu is pretty strong!) but alas I didn't get far... I did manage to find the S3 Docs but even after spending quite some time sifting through it I couldn't find a clear straight-forward answer. I also searched on the AWS S3 forums and didn't have any joy there either...

It looks like you'll need the assistance of someone who knows something about working with AWS S3 buckets... No doubt Liraz knows but he's deep in a development cycle at the moment and we won't see him until he comes up for air...

Sorry I wasn't much help...

[update] Because I'm a sore loser (and hate being beaten) I was still doing some more research and have found that there is no (built-in) way to do simple authentication directly with S3 (i.e. you can't just include your username and password in the url or anything as simple as that).

So it seems that we need to know more about how TKLBAM interacts with S3 to get an understanding of how to do this... Given Liraz's answer to you, I am sure that there must be some relatively obvious and/or typical way of doing this. Liraz is not the sort of guy that would go out of his way to be mysterious, but as most people who suffer from the curse of knowledge he often forgets that the rest of us aren't whizz-bang programmer types! :)

So after a little more digging I found an old blog post which discusses using Duplicity (which TKLBAM uses as a backend) and S3. I think that should at least get you headed in the right direction and give you some ideas... At least it should give you a starting point and more ideas for further research...

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