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Location: see attached file

Intended for: TKL Core

Generated ISO: 130mb

Description: Linux, Apache, Sqlite, PHP

Like LAMP and LAPP, but this time it includes Sqlite along with a Sqlite management interface. It's a lightweight alternative when a full blown sql server is not required.

Default accounts:
Administrator: admin/admin
Data Manager: data/data
User: guest/guest

To create a new database: Enter a database name, select version 3, then enter a filename into the path field. The databse file is automatically saved to /srv/sqlite/

This appliance currently uses SQLite Manager, which was the best web-based interface I found in the little searching that I did. If anyone knows of something better, please let me know and I will try to replace it.

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I like the LASP idea, a couple of questions:

Is it possible to:

  •  Change the database passwords through the web interface?
  •  Set blank passwords?
  •  Set passwords via the command line, so we can add screens to the installer (di-live)?

SQLite is great for development, but I don't think its a very good solution for production systems though... Any thoughts?

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I have created a new section in the development wiki for TKLPatches, and have added this patch to the list. Feel free to update the patch page as you see fit.
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To be honest I am new to sqlite, I just decided to try it on some light projects that do not need a central database and to help keep things whithin the appliance without having many mysql installs floating around.

The way I understand it, there are no password, or none that I've encountered. The passwords are only used for the web management system. I am guessing they are located in the config database: /srv/sqlite/config/config3.db

I am sure there is a way to modify the password via command line through sqlite but I would have to play around with it since I am new to this. Is there more information about how to add a password screen to di-live? I will see what I can do.

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Woops, sorry for the late reply. I'm going over all the TKLPatches for consideration in the next release and noticed you were left hanging with the di-live question.

See for the documentation on di-live.

In a nutshell, you can add hooks to /usr/lib/di-live.d which then add additional screens to di-live during the installation process. For example MySQL based appliances have /usr/lib/di-live.d/72mysql-conf. PgSQL based appliances have /usr/lib/di-live.d/72pgsql-password. Those would be good references for implementing your own hooks.

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