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I have the TKL WordPress appliance and need to get mail from system working.  There is no outside port 25 access and no inside port 25 access so all SMTP traffic will be from the system itself.  I want Postfix to simply accept all and pass to smart host which is Office 365.  I know this is not a normal Postfix configuration and while I have tried to configure virtual domains and such I do not want to define every user.  I did not get the one virtual domain and user to work so even if there is a way around that I was getting an error.  Via Telnet/SSH on box I can create and send an email but it never routes nor is shown in delivery queue. If error would help I will get but something about "user unknown in virtual alias table".



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Smarthost is an on premise SMTP host which will relay to O365 cloud.



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Sorry that your post has gone unanswered for so long. Good on you for giving it a bump! :)

TBH I am not particularly familiar with Postfix setup but AFAIK it should be totally possible for Postfix to send mail through an external SMTP (I assume that's what you want to do, rather than actually forwarding the emails). Luckily google has plenty of ideas! :)

First there is this tutorial which at a glance looks like it should do the trick (it's written about Debian 7 running on Linode, but TKL v13.x is Wheezy based and it should be irrelevant where it's hosted). There may be some idiocyracies for your specific setup but again I'm sure google will be your friend. :)

If on the other hand you do actually want to forward the emails then this should get you going in the right direction.

Also from a (very quick) glance there is a WP plugin which allows you to send WP emails directly from a remote SMTP. I can't vouch for it and don't know if it costs anything, etc (I just found it with a quick google) so I haven't posted a link (you'll find it easy if you have a look).

Other resources that may be useful:
Postfix manual page - official Postfix documentation
Debian Postfix info - on the Debian Wiki

PS when you get it worked out, if you'd like to confirm what worked for you then that might be useful for others in the future! :)

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Went with the plug-in (will need to check name since at client) route to address.  Works for Wordpress generated email like user setup & password resets.  We use a form plug-in (from for "request more information" and "contact me" and that is not emailing.  Cimatti say if the default email like password works then their plug-in should as well.  Will update when that is resolved.



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Used both "Easy SMTP Mail" & "WP-Mail-SMTP" before discovering that the web dev person had setup her email wrong in the forms product so not sure which one worked.  Easy has gotten some heat for being a blatent rip-off of WP but I do not know so this is for FYI only. 


Next task - setup Git in WordPress for Revisr.

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