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I'm in a bit of a bind we lost a very old machine that was running Media Wiki version 11.3. I was fortunately able to recover the database and most of the files however I cannot find an old download mirror that's still active for version 11.3 at all. Can someone please attach the .iso or .vmdk to this thread?

- David Thompson

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Sorry I should add I need the 32 bit version of it.

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As a general rule we only keep the current and previous versions of TurnKey appliances. Because of the size of the library and the number of build targets we support, keeping old versions takes massive amounts of space on our mirror network. Seeing as the mirror network is provided to us voluntarily and free of charge we need to keep it as trim as possible...

Also FWIW v11.x was built on Ubuntu 10.04 (Lucid) which support ends for this month! So you'll mostly likely need to be quick as you will find doing anything much on it to do with software may be tricky (Ubuntu will discontinue the repos).

You could try restoring your DB and files to the v12.x version and cross your fingers... v12.x was when we transitioned to Debian (from Ubuntu) and I think that you will find that the versions of MediaWiki shouldn't be too far apart (fingers crossed for you).

Finally you may get lucky and someone might have a copy around somewhere and post a link for you...

Good luck regardless

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Yeah v12.1 didn't work I uploaded the database and all I'm seeing is a bunch of database errors looks like there's just too much of a difference. If anyone has an old copy of v11.3 i386 laying around on a thumb drive I'll gladly pay for it up to 50 dollars US.

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I thought they would have been close enough... v11.x had MWv1.15.1 and v12.x had MWv1.15.5. I also double checked the TKL MW changelog to make sure it was using packaged versions (it was) and not upstream.

But anyway that is an aside - if it doesn't work; it doesn't work...

So my next suggestion would be to download v1.5.1 from MediaWiki here and install it manually on LAMP (v13.0 should be fine). Then if you want to use the v13.0 MW appliance then upgrade to MW1.19.20 and migrate your data to a new TKL MW appliance. Otherwise you could upgrade to the latest upstream version (and stick with TKL LAMP) instead if you'd rather... See here for hints on upgrading regardless.

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Increasing the offered bounty to 100 US dollars on Media Wiki 11.3 32 Bit version.

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If you have no luck then you could probably pay someone to do what I suggested above (if your time is too valuable and/or it seems too hard to do it yourself).

Assuming that it's as easy as it looks in theory; for someone who knows a bit about installing and updating LAMP based web apps it's probably only an hour or so of work to do what I said in my last post. You'd then not only have your data recovered but have it running on a current appliance that is supported with security updates...

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It's an internal only Media Wiki that's never going to be exposed to the public so I'm not at all worried about security updates. That being said increasing the bounty to 150 US Dollars.

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I have various Turnkey Linux 11.3 available, but all LAMP versions....

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