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I started a new server and ran moodle on it, but it jumped to 100% cpu usage and has been that way since. I tried rebooting the server to no avail, and also stopping the server and restarting it as was suggested in previous similar forum suggestions. Any thoughts?

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And when you say it "jumped to 100% cpu usage and has been that way since" can you give a bit more context? Did you literally just launch it and it happened straight away? A minute later? An hour later? A day later?

Also what size server is it? A Micro? If so they can be a realy pain with any software that puts significant load on for anything more than a second or 2 (literally).

Did you set a good root password? If you set a weak one then being hacked is always a possibility?

Also have you done any trouble shooting yet? I'd suggest installing something like htop (apt-get update && apt-get install htop) so you can then at least see what process(es) are chewing the CPU cycles.

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Yeah it a micro, I upgraded it to a medium, went through the exact same basic process and it's fine. I think I'll be dropping the micro usage from here. 

I set a decent root password, so I don't think thats the problem.


Thanks again Jeremy, very helpful.

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I'm glad you got it sorted.

TBH I'm considering speaking with Alon & Liraz about removing support for Micro servers for many of our appliances as this seems to be a fairly common issue. And on face value it often appears to be a TurnKey issue when it's actually caused by the way Amazon do CPU throttling on Micro servers.

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I agree Jeremy that Micro Servers should not be made available where they do not make sense but I would suggest this be documented in an up-front fashion so your clients don't see this lack of availabilty as a deficiency relative to Bitnami.

I would also suggest you consider use-cases carefully. While the mainstream use-case for some appliances are not supported well by Micro Servers, there might be a useful niche-case where it would apply.

For example...WordPress on a Micro can work for a low volume site but it would not be recommended for use on most websites.

Just a suggestion :-)


Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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I agree that it makes sense. Some appliances just won't run well on a Micro. However as you point out many would run fine if used lightly (e.g. simple testing).

Do you have any suggestions on where we might actually do this? Perhaps a pop-up on the Hub when you go to launch a Micro server?

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