I am trying to configure tkl postfix to use amazon ses. Does Canvas already setup with postfix to send out email? Also, then is there any manual for TURNKEY HUB TKLAPP.com or can somebody walk me through to setup?


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So it should work OOTB. Although if you are running on AWS then there are some considerations. Have a look here in the the TKL docs to get you started.

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Correct, postfix is installed and pre-configured, unfortunately 2 bugs slipped through in the current release, and are documented on the appliance page (one is for outgoing mail).

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Out of interest it says that TLS needs to be disabled. Is that for Canvas specifically (ie it won't send emails at all if TLS enabled)? Or is it something else? (I guess while it is bound to localhost not using TLS is a non-issue though...)

Perhaps a little off topic but maybe relevant - if anyone uses software that can't/doesn't use SSL/TLS and wants to use a SMTP server (such as Google) that requires SSL/TLS, a handy app is stunnel (in the repos). It provides an SSL tunnel that can be used by any protocol. I used it today to connect between an app that was uncapable of using SSL?TLS to send emails via Google. It was easy to configure and worked a treat!

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Hi, I'm having problem with the email output from Instructure Canvas from an instance of Amazon, I detail the configuration file:

   address: "email-smtp.us-east-1.amazonaws.com"
   port: "587"
   user_name "xxxx@xxx.com.ar"
   password: "xxx"
   authentication: "plain" # plain, login, or cram_md5
   domain: "tasso.com.ar"
   outgoing_address: "xxl @ xx"
   default_name: "xxxx"
   TLS: true

The strange thing is that this authenticating from a gmail account, but still mais Invitations students or teachers reach their destination,

Thank you

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By default the appliance should be set up to send emails using postfix. So in theory you do not need to send them via a remote SMTP.

However in the real world sending emails directly can be a bit hit and miss. Sometimes it works, other times not...

Please excuse my ignorance but is that your Postfix config file (main.cf IIRC)?

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We ended up discovering a bug in the TurnKey v14.0 appliance, It turns out that the Canvas "delayed processing" backend wasn't running... If you are interested there is a workaround/fix here.

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