Hi all.

I've downloaded and deploy redmine 14 ova to a VMWare ESXi v4.1.0 server.

After that, on first run of virtual machine, I got a "Kernel Panic" error, and the VM breaks at startup. I tried to initialize in recovery mode, but don't work too. I attached the screenshot and vmware.log.

Any idea?




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I just had a quick Google and it seems possible that this issue is caused by an interaction between the Debian Jessie (what v14.0 is based on) kernel and open-vmtools as installed in the OVA. The ISO does not have the open-vmtools pre-installed so might be worth a shot.

Please post back and let me know how you go.

Hi Jeremy, thanks for reply. I tried to use ISO version, but I got the same error on first boot from ISO image. By the way, both OVA and ISO works on VMWare Workstation, they don't work only on ESXi 4.1.0 server. Any other idea? Thanks, Laercio
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Sorry I've been really busy with the v14.1 update and am only now getting back on top of the forums...

Anyway TBH I am not sure what is going on... And have no ideas on what might help. I'm guessing that something in the new kernel doesn't agree with older versions of ESXi. FWIW we use the vanilla Debian kernel so I did a quick google. I didn't really find anything much of interest. I don't actually know much about how ESXi works under the hood so but perhaps it actually forwards some of the hardware directly to the VM? If so perhaps there is some issue beteen some of your hardware and the new kernel?

Sorry I can't help more...

Hi Jeremy.

Don't worry.
Last week I did a test by upgrading ESXi from 4.1 to 5.5 version, and it's worked.
After doing some stability tests, I just upgraded the main server with 5.5 version, and I'll start installing TK Redmine again.

I'll tell you about the result.

Anyway, thanks for your help.


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Good to hear that you're having progress. Keep us posted :)

Hi Jeremy,
Redmine is up and working for two weeks on the main ESXi server.
Everything is Ok until now.

Thanks a lot.

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I'll assume you mean that everything is still ok! :)

Or did I get you wrong? "Everything is Ok until now" suggests that maybe it was ok, but it's not right now ("until now")...!?

Sorry guy. Everything works Ok right now.



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