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I installed a fresh wordpress on my server root directory. I can access the wp-admin section but when I go to the blog URL it shows a blank (white) page.
There are no errors
The HTML source of the page has nothing (not even a single word or a tag)

Server : windows IIS.
Database : MySQL
I hosted my wordpress site at

When I install using the wordpress installation tool provided by the server it works fine but I cant use that tool to install the blog into the root directory so I FTP all wordpress files (600+ files altogether) to my root directory and then ran the wp-admin/install.php it installs fine. I think, the server environment cannot be a problem because it works fine when I install using the tool. I checked server log files those are also clean.

I have already tried following:
1. Install a fresh copy of wordpress again (tried several times)
2. Installed an old version of wordpress
3. Renamed the pluggins page to something that wordpress cannot find
4. Changed the theme to Default to Classic and vise versa

Non of the above mentioned worked for me!

Please help me on this!

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You said you changed the theme from default to classic but there is no such thing in WordPress.  Do you mean Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Fifteen or Twenty Sixteen?

If you put your browser into debug mode you can see what gets returned even if it appears blank.

If you have any plug-ins, disable them and try again.


Tim (Managing Director - OnePressTech)

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