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Hi all, I've just spun up an OVA of the Torrent Server appliance and I can't seem to get access to the server control panel or rtorrent's web interface. I can access the web-based shell and webmin (ports 12320 and 12321) and I've confirmed that rtorrent is running on the system using the "ps -ef" command, but that's as far as I can get. I'd appreciate any assistance that anyone can offer.


Hi turnkey


I am using several turnkey applications under Proxmox for years. Now I would like it very much to use https on my applications. That is not very simple, it seems to me. It would be great when it  was integrated in the Turnkey applications, or even better when it could be integrated in existing applications by a simple update.

Do you plan on integrate it? Or are you already working on it?

Anyway, keep on with the good work.

Peter. a happy Turnkey user from the Netherlands



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Your suggestion is a good one, however you have posted on someone else's thread (that is completely irrelevant to your suggestion).

Could you please create a new thread and we can discuss it further there. Thanks :)

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This might be related to the issue I have here:


You might want to check if nginx is running and/or if you have the same error message in the logs(see them on webmin)

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Thanks Dominique, my problem is indeed identical to yours. I'm not familiar enough with nginx to fix this problem, so I'm hoping someone else is able to come up with a solution soon.

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I'm looking into this right now and hope to have a workaround for you ASAP.
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Thank a lot for the efforts Jeremy. I hope you are able to find a solution for it.


If I find any more info I will let you know on the issue I created on the github bug tracker.

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Apologies on not posting sooner, but I have a workaround. Please see here.

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