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hi from berlin ... turnkey looks amazing and i would like to install this for our networked electronic musicians studio. we are running win 10 or mac or KXstudio, wich is an audio distro built on top of ubuntu.

how do i install turnkey file server on top of an exisiting ubunutu system. is there a repository where i can install it from? or a .deb file? installing via disc image seems to be for new systems.

 dumb question? sorry, im a musician ;-)



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somebody just asked why i dont use vanilla samba. win 10 doesn t seem to work with samba out of the box ... there is an xtra security level that prevents you to log in. besides turnkey is much better ;-)

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TurnKey is a full OS so I'm not sure how much value it will bring unless you want some central fileserver (in which case it might be awesome). You can install it as a VM or to bare metal. For what it's worth TurnKey is based on Debian (which is what Ubuntu is based on too). We use Samba to provide the Windows File Sharing. TBH I haven't tested it with Win 10, but I'm sure that it would work. For that matter though, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to get Samba working (installed from Debian). It may require some Win tweaks but if that's what it needs, then TurnKey will too!

I don't mean to sound like I'm trying to encourage you not to use TurnKey, but it's not always the best tool for the job. I.e. if you just want to share files between PCs then a central fileserver may be overkill?

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thanks for the reply! ... we are a bunch of electronic musicians who pass around a LOT of data with multitrack audiofiles in 48khz/24bit. i usually use dropbox or drive but then you have to up/download huge files.

so yes a central fileserver would be a really good thing but we dont need a dedicated machine for that, it could just run off my linux audioworkstation. i installed samba but thank you mr. gates, in win 10 you have to go into the registry and change values around and we all here fear the mighty REGISTRY and dont want to mess with it ;-) besides this should also work for visiting producers.

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But I strongly suspect that it will require the same Windows registry tweaks that Samba on Ubuntu requires.

If you need something that will work for visiting producers and Samba requires tweaks to work with Win10, then perhaps you need to consider other filesharing options (other than Win filesharing)?

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