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Hi people,

I have just download and install the great virtual apliance

I try to reach the web interface of mine owncloud 192.168.0.xx

but of course I hit the "untrusted domain" I have read that I have to change the config.php file of owncloud. but I could find it !

either in that path




any idea how to solve this problem ?



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ok I found it It was inside this path



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Thanks for posting back with the answer though!

FWIW /etc/APP_NAME is the default location for config files relating to software installed by Debian package management.

If we install software from upstream then /var/www/AP_NAME is the default install path for hosted web app installs. The exact path to the config within that is as per default upstream relative path. If the config can be stored outside the default path, then more often that not, we'll put it in /etc.

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FWIW the latest version of our ownCloud appliance (which admittedly uses an older version of ownCloud) provides an initialisation script which allows you to interactively set the domain.

If you access your server via IP address, rather than via domain, you can use that too.

PS we're always gentle around here! At least we try to be! :)

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