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I'm trying to add a user with smartcard to samba4. That is, the user shall use smartcard/pin for login instead of username/password. This is accomplished by (among lots of other things) adding the users certificate to samba db. Parameter to add is 'userCertificate;binary'

However, I cannot add the certificate parameter due to that "userCertificate does not exists in the schema" according to error message.

I use ldapmodify basically as this example

The thing is, when I create a user in the system, he/she always get some objectClass parameters which I haven't asked for. For instance 'Person', 'organizationalPerson' etc. These objecClasses does not have 'userCertificate' as possible parameter. But objectClass 'inetOrgPerson' has 'userCertificate'. So I added that class ('inetOrgPerson') to my user, but no luck. Still 'userCertificate does not exists in the schema'

What to do?

Environment; server: debian, client: debian

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We are Debian based and do provide a Samba4 appliance (Domain Controller) but we are far from Samba4 experts. You might be lucky, but I doubt anyone in our community will be able to help you out. AFAIK Samba have a mailing list and I suggest that that's probably your best bet.

Or if you think it's a bug in the Debian package, then probably lodge a bug report with Debian.

Good luck.

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It turns out that Samba doesn't need the 'binary' extension on the 'userCertificate' attribute. In fact, Samba really DON'T WANT it! But when I specify 'userCertificate' without 'binary', Samba is happy and ads the attribute.

Obviously Samba figures out by itself that the parameter is in binary format...

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Thanks for posting back with a solution. :)

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