Is there a way to install Turnkey Wordpress on a fresh copy of debian jessie x64, the hosting company doesn't allow installation of custom OS.

If there is a way please write instructions.


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TurnKey includes a full OS so doesn't really support what you are wanting to do. Some time ago a user did manage to get TurnKey running on a non-TurnKey Debian (what you're trying to do) but he never posted back with instructions on how to do it.

If you learn about how TurnKey appliances are built, then you could probably apply all the steps we do automatically when building TurnKey WordPress appliance, but TBH it's probably easier to just set it all up yourself from scratch. Or find another hosting company that either offers TurnKey itself, or at least supports third party OS install (e.g. via uploaded ISO).

Actually another option would be to install Docker or configure LXC and then use the TurnKey appliance as a container within a VPS? That would still require a bit of reading and a learning curve...

Thanks for reply What I was interested was self sign SSL,lamp and others softwares in turnkey wordpress are easy to install. Its a small server with only 1 ip,so cannot install it on vps.


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Assuming it's shared hosting, TurnKey won't work. Like I said as TurnKey is a full OS, as shared hosting is basically just a user account on a shared server, TurnKey is not going to be an option for you sorry...

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