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Is it possible to Install ioncube loader in the LAMP stack?
If so how should i go about it?
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I just googled "install ioncube loader debian wheezy" (because TurnKey Linux v13 is essentially Debian Wheezy under the hood) and plenty of the results look pretty promising:

Install Ioncube Loader For All PHP Modes (CLI, CGI, FCGI And FPM) On Debian Wheezy - on the well respected 'HowToForge' site.
This (the first result) at a glance looks like it should do the trick. It's a (relatively) recent article and appears to pretty much spell it out, although I note that it doesn't include installing some things (which may be necessary depending on exactly what you are trying to achieve e.g. php5-fpm, php5-cli). Having said that, what's needed should be fairly self explanatory and a simple 'apt-get install' should fix it. It may be necessary to tweak the version (and architecture) of the Ioncube Loader too (there is possibly a newer version now and you may be using a 32 bit server). Also note, if you can't work out the vi/vim text editor then replace 'vi' with 'nano' on the instructions (IMO nano is much more intuitive for the 'average Joe')

There are plenty of other promising looking results though and anything you don't understand should be easily resolved with a little more googling...

Good luck and post back and let us know how it goes... If you find something helpful, perhaps share it to help others...

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And if you get stuck, please feel free to ask here. I can't guarantee that I will have the answer, but I'll have a go. And if I do say so myself, I have ninja googlefu skills! :)

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@Jeremy......without formal training there's quite a few (myself included) that have learned everything we know about the intracacies of Linux through the Google school of hard knocks LOL

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Most of my Linux knowledge has been gained from first hand experience and a good dose of google. Actually, trying to help others out here on the forums (blind leading the blind style) was how I got my leg up on TurnKey specifically (and Linux in general)! It also ended up getting me my job with TurnKey! :)

  after sam days search and try and try and try , i got it ,

  and write quick tutorial ,

  How to install ioncube in Windows 8 ssh with WinSCP to VirtualBox with TurnKey Lamp Stack:







problem but ioncube show the right path:


  and after sam days ...



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Nice work, thanks for sharing! :)
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New, Nice!!!
This will help me very much. Many love!

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