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Hi there,

I have been wiating 14 hrs to bring this server up on AWS - the message is that it is installing security.  I have created the poicies and the role and input as per your instructions but maybe I missed something - surey it doesn't tak ethis long?

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A server should come up within 10-15 minutes of launch. If not, then there is definitely something wrong! Having said that, I launch a lot of new AWS servers (for testing; both direct from AWS and via the Hub) and it's not uncommon for the odd server to fail when you first boot it (probably about 5% of the time?)

Could you please let me know some specific details and I'll see if I can recreate the problem. So please share the appliance (e.g. WordPress, LAMP, etc), the size (e.g. t2.micro, t2.small, etc), and the region (e.g. US West (California) or us-west-1, etc).

If you launched your server from the Hub, it may be worth trying to hard refresh the page using Ctrl-f5 (perhaps it's just the Hub cache that has got stuck?). Even if it still shows as "updates installing", if it hasn't completed within about 20 mins, I would suggest that you try stopping it and then starting it again and see how that goes.

Please post back with some info so I can see if it was just a freak random occurrence, or if there is an issue that needs to be fixed.

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