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When setting up the NextCloud 14.2 appliance on a ProxMox Host, this error message came up (see attached screenshot)



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Hi Christian, Thanks for reporting, but unfortunately I can't see your screenshot.

Can you please describe the error a bit or upload a screenshot?


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Hm, why does this message board let me upload attachments, but then the are not shown in the message or cannot be inserted into the message? I also still get garbled notifications, not as garbled as before, but still largely unreadable (line breaks are probably the issue). I think you should look for a new message board, this one is not ideal...

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Thanks so much for reporting this issue. I've opened an issue regarding this on our issue tracker. The Nextcloud app is new for v14.2 but I think this may have been an oversight on my behalf. I'll look into this and fix it ASAP.

As noted on the issue, you should be able to work around it for now by simply forcing it to use the LAMP profile. I.e.:

tklbam-init --force-profile=lamp YOUR_API_KEY

That shouldn't cause any issues, although it will likely increase the size of the backup a bit. I'll try to remember to post back when it's fixed.

As for the website, we really need to do some serious work on it. It's been sadly neglected for years. We did update the underlaying CMS a while ago (to address some potential security issues) but it broke a few things in the process.

We have been planning to get back to the website ASAP, but we've got caught up building appliances. Hopefully we can resolve that (and the other buggy issues) really soon.

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There should now be a "turnkey-nextcloud-14.2-jessie-amd64" TKLBAM profile on the Hub. Apologies about our oversight. We've implemented a new test at build time to reduce (hopefully eliminate) the chances of this happening again.

You can update your backup profile now, like this:

tklbam-init --force-profile=turnkey-nextcloud-14.2-jessie-amd64 YOUR_API_KEY
Thanks again for reporting!
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Hi Jeremy, 

I followed your suggestion, using first

tklbam-init --force-profile=lamp YOUR_API_KEY

and then later re-initialized by

tklbam-init --force-profile=turnkey-nextcloud-14.2-jessie-amd64 YOUR_API_KEY

My NextCloud installation says it contains 13.4 GB (Gigabyte) worth of data. The TKLBAM Hub says the backup is 17,7 MB (Megabytes) big. So there's something fishy here - I cannot imagine the backup compression is so great it can reduce 13 GB to 18 MB, even though most of the documents are PDFs. How would you suggest I debug this? 


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and here is the log:

size: 8,3 MB. Something's not right...

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I'll spin one up and have a look myself. In the meantime, you could try starting again from scratch by resetting TKLBAM:
mv /var/lib/tklbam /var/lib/tklbam-backup
tklbam-init YOUR_HUB_API_KEY
It should automatically pick up the nextcloud profile (now that there is one).

Regardless, I'll let you know how I go.

[update] I confirmed that this doesn't work, please see further posts below.

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Argh! Unlike most other apps, it looks like Nextcloud is being installed to a non-standard location. We should fix that for v15.0 so the default TKLBAM profile picks it up (as it should).

We'll make it a priority to fix this properly for v14.2 ASAP. In the meantime, please ignore my previous advice (re initialising won't fix it).

One way to work around this is to add an override like this:

echo "/usr/share/nextcloud" >> /etc/tklbam/overrides

I've just tested this and it took my backup size from 8.18 MB (without the override) to 153 MB (with the override). Try it out for yourself:

tklbam-backup --simulate

FWIW, I've lodged this as a "critical" bug (i.e. to fix ASAP). But as I noted on that issue, the "proper" fix going forward (for next release), would be to install ownCloud to the "normal" default location.

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I've created the new profile. We just need to wait for Alon to upload it to the Hub.

In the meantime, I have posted the "proper" workaround as a comment on the issue.

I have tested it and it appears to work as it should now (as commented on GH). If you want to give it a really good test, please try loading the profile I uploaded, then create a backup, then restore it to a new Nextcloud server (as documented on the issue). It should all "just work" now!

Hopefully I can get Alon to upload the new improved (and working) tklbam profile within the next day or 2, early next week at the latest.

Thanks again for posting about this bug! It's community members like you Christian, that ensure TurnKey is as awesome as possible! You rock!

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... but it's you who deserve praise, I am just doing this for totally selfish reasons (get a working backup solution) :-)

Let's move the discussion into the GitHub issue.


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