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Hi! I dont know if it is OK to make requests here, but I'll give it a try!

It would be nice to have a TKL with OSM-Nominatim.

I imagine booting into this TKL, adding OSM files to certain directory and running a command to perform import.

Then services of lookup, geocoding, and reverse geocoding should be available.

Hope you find this idea useful!

Best regards,


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Thanks for the suggestion/request. That sounds like it woudl be a really cool appliance!

Although having said that, I'm not really sure when we'd be able to get to it. If you are interested in seeing this appliance, perhaps you'd be interested in assisting to develop it?

I'm more than happy to coach you through it. Whilst it may seem complex on face value, essentially if you can install it yourself on TurnKey, then you could create an appliance of it. The only trick is that it needs to be completely unattended.

If you are at all interested in (at least exploring) that, then I suggest that you download a copy of TKLDev, get it running in a VM and start off by building core.

If you hit any issues or need any advice, please ask.

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