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Just found this website yesterday, and I have to admit, I'm very impressed.  I've been playing around with SQL Server Express for a few days (in my spare time) and found it frustrating.  I downloaded and copied the Turnkey MySQL to my server and in 15 minutes, the server was up and I'd already copied my databases to it.  Very slick.  Thanks so much.

Now to the questions.

1.  Is there an all-in-one app?  I know I probably don't need it, but it'd be nice to play around with, just to get some experience with them.  If not, how about a linux boot cd/dvd with a menu to launch each?  No big deal, just would be neat.

2.  Any plans on releasing an asset manager/inventory app?

Thanks so much for what you guys do, love the couple of apps I've downloaded so far.

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No there is no "all-in-one" type appliance so unfortunately there is no way to simply test them all. Unless of course you download each and install them, if you used the VM images, then it'd be very easy and quick.

I think there is an assest manager/inventory tool available as a TKLPatch which would make it likely that it will make it into the next release (which hopefully should be soonish). I can't remember what it is called but if you have a search around you should find all the (tkl)patchs, from memory its in the Dev wiki. Sorry I can't provide a link at the mo (I've gotta go to bed now!)

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