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Hello, We just downloaded the LAMP applaince and we love it! Thank you for whoever put it for download. I tried to build a FreeBSD 8.0 Nagios server but for the life of me, I couldn't make it work. I was wondering is someone on this community could please create a Nagios applaince with Lilac and Cacti all configured and ready to use or point me to where I can download one such applaince? Thank you,
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so a TKLPatch should be pretty easy to make if you're keen to have a tinker (which will mean the chances of an official TKL appliance are greatly increased). If not, another community member here may pick it up.

In the meantime, it should install on top of the LAMP appliance pretty easily (or on Core but you will need to also install apache).

First you will need to enable the 'universe' repo. From the commandline:

nano /etc/apt/sources.list.d/sources.list

and find the line that ends with 'universe", remove the '#' symbol from the start of that line. Save and exit nano (<Ctrl><X>). (You can use your text editor of preference rather than nano if you wish).

Now install*:

apt-get update
apt-get install nagios3 nagios-plugins nagios-plugins-extra

Just follow the prompts and enter an Admin password at the relevant point. Hopefully that should do the trick.

* - [update June 2011] Following advice from Scott I have updated the code so it is now relevant to TKL v11.x

You know a lot. You're starting resemble an authority on stuff and things.

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Thanks Rik, but I can not really pose as an authority for anything to do with Linux! Its more that I've learned the Ubuntu/Debian/Linux basics and I know how to use Google! Also I've learned where and how to search for packages and other such things! The Ubuntu package search is an invaluable resource for this sort of thing.

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You can learn a lot trying to help others. It doesn't matter if you feign ignorance, eventually you'll be adding insight more often than not and people will start to view you as an authority.

And in case you don't realize it, here's a little secret: these days what separates an expert from your random joe is how effective they are at leveraging Google and other online resources to figure stuff out. Nobody has it all in their head. If you're smart the first thing you do when you encounter a problem is go online and try to find someone who's been there before.

Here's the funny thing - guess what many people who do that come up with? Forum threads on sites just like this. It's the circle of life!

The vast majority of these people are passive so you don't really notice it when they're passing by, until you look at the site usage statistics. Last month the forum had about 30,000 views.

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so its apt-get nagios3 .....

Just a small update - keep everyone right :-)



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The above post of mine was in reference to the 2009.x (now legacy) version of TKL based on Ubuntu 8.04. Many of the package names are the same in TKL v11.x but obviously not Nagios! Nice that with your tweak of the info keeps it relevant. I'll edit my post to reflect the update.

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If you install on TKLcore  the nagios3    with apt-get install nagios3

you can afterward access the webpage with   http://<ip>/nagios3

user nagiosadmin  and password you gave during install

QUOTE:  ech`echo xiun|tr nu oc|sed 'sx\([sx]\)\([xoi]\)xo un\2\1 is xg'`ol

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Another idea might be using the lampstack and putting Icanga (fork of Nagios) on top of that, click here for instructions. Works just fine...

icinga dashboard

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