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I'm trying to enable users and groups quotas on my LAMP stack.

Webmin says:

No local filesystems can support quotas. You can enable quotas for a filesystem in the Disk and Network Filesystems module.

Then I go to "Disk and Network Filesystems" and edit / (Root filesystem), change de "Use Quotas?" to "User and Group" and try to Save, I get this message:

Failed to save mount : The device file '/dev/mapper/pve-vm--102--disk--1' does not exist

I attempeted to edit my "/etc/fstab" file manually and I found that I have no fstab file!!!

Any thoughts about this two problems (quotas and vstab)?

Thank you in advanced.  

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Assuming I'm correct (pretty sure I am due to the reference to "pve-vm--102--disk--1") then I'm pretty sure that it will only work within a privileged container (currently the only OOTB option for TurnKey containers anyway, unless you've applied the workaround). And even within a privileged container, it will need to be enabled on the Proxmox host first. You'll also need to install the "quota" package (possibly on both the host and within the guest). TBH I'm not 100% sure on the details, but you'll possibly also need to generate an fstab file (it's not required by default in an LXC container).

Probably the better way to go would be to use a "proper" VM. The best way to do that on Proxmox is to download the ISO from the relevant TurnKey appliance page, e.g. LAMP (you can search for appliance pages via the frontpage of the website). Then upload the ISO to your Proxmox host and create a new VM from that. You'll still need to install the quota package.

Also as an FYI, our apt repo is currently down so you'll get warning about that when you try to install packages. It should be back up within the next 8-10 hours (once my colleague Alon wakes up).

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Thank you for your answer.

What you suggested was what I did yesterday after the problem comes up.

I installed a new LAMP appliance on a new VM on Proxmox. I enabled Quota on VM options and everything runs smoothy on this new VM. The quota package was installed as also Webmin module for Quota.

Thank you for your time.


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Thanks for posting back with confirmation.

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