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Cannot load web gui for next cloud using tunrkey nextcloud 16 after first install. I am unable to start webmin service

errors I have are

stunnel4@webmin.service: Start request repeated too quickly.

stunnel4@webmin.service: Failed with result 'exit-code'.

Failed to start Universal SSL tunnel for network daemons (webmin).


Anybody have any ideas where have gone wring during set up? I am setting up as lxc container on proxmox


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So have discovered it is because it is mounted as privileged. works unprivileged. Any ideas how to run privileged?

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As you note, the v16.x container templates work fine as unprivileged, but not by default as privileged.

If you need/want to run a v16.x container as privileged, you'll need to enable "nesting" for that container. Note that there are some security implications for that.

See also a previous post on this. That has links to some more info.

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