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Initially when I install the appliance it boots and runs.


I use turnkey-init to setup the information needed for gitlab.


Gitlab runs but when I try to login on the web interface I get a 500 error.


If I reboot gitlab is not started in the bootup provess.



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Argh! Bloody GitLab! One of the most painful appliances to maintain...!

Ok, sorry for my rant. I'll take a few deep breaths...

I don't yet have a fix, but I can confirm the bug. FWIW, on face value, it appears that between my final test of the new appliance and the final build (~1-2 hours) they released a new version which was either buggy or at least not compatible with our setup. Argh!

I want to blame GitLab (because I really do hate it) but really it's my fault. I should have done a final test (after doing the final build, destined for publishing). But I'd spent so long working on it, it was so late on Friday when I finally got it working and so resource intensive and so slow to build/start and therefore test (plus, I'd tested my local build so intensively), that I skipped that step. I can only assume that within that 1-2 hour window, they released a new version that broke things for us... Following my previous experience with GitLab, I should have known that would bite me...

I can't yet confirm, but I suspect that installing (i.e. updating to) the latest GitLab version should fix it. I had hoped to be able to post back to confirm (or not as the case maybe) by now, but after 20 minutes, it's still only 60%. In the meantime, here's the command to update GitLab CE (run as root user, or prefix with 'sudo'):

apt update
apt install gitlab-ce
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Sorry, I can now confirm that even updating GitLab-CE doesn't work. I'm still not clear what the issue is, but it appears to run deeper than I suspected...

In the meantime, I've reverted the GitLab appliance page back to the previous v16.0.

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I understand how things go sometimes. Been around the block a few times. 

My environment is on a closed network. I will grab the current one linked and bring it up. Theen move it over and check it out.



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I installed the 1.60 version and it appears to go through the initializatino process properly. When I check using gitlab-ctl status I see everything I would expect running.

When I attemtp to access it through the web interface it does not connect. I can ping the VM so I know that part is working.

When I do a netstat I do not see any connections to port 80. Gitlab seems to be only connection is the localhost address ( I have an external DNS that is resolving the IP correctly.

I am also able to access the webadmin interface for the server itself.

That is where things stand at the moment. 

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Can you show the error you get when you try to access the webUI? (screenshot would be good)

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