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i have a new install v 16.1-1 what is the default user name and pass,

i tried admin admin i tried admin and the password i used on the initial setup still no go.


PLease Help

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The username is 'admin' and password set on first boot.

If that isn't working, then are you using a US-International keyboard? If not, some of the "special" characters (e.g. punctuation) may not be mapped properly when setting the initial password. If that's the case, then set the correct keyboard via Confconsole >> Advanced >> Region config >> Keyboard.

Then re-run the Zoneminder specific firstboot script:

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I just downloaded and launched a fresh v16.1 LXC instance on Promox. I set a password and log in as the Zoneminder 'admin' user "just works" for me?! TBH, I'm not super suprised as I had already tested the ISO and the LXC build is made by converting the ISO to an LXC template.

So assuming you are using a US-International keyboard (you didn't mention whether you are or not?!) then there is only one other possibility that occurs to me. That is that perhaps some specific character (or characters) that you've both included, don't work with Zoneminder for some reason (I've encountered that before with other appliances).

I would recommend re-running the Zoneminder script (as I posted above) and this time just use a password with upper case, lower case and numbers (no "special" characters like punctuation). I suspect one of them is the culprit...

Having said that, I have just tested 4 more random passwords that include "special" characters and they all worked?! FWIW, I tested these characters:

! @ # ( ) $

Perhaps one, or both of you could share the passwords that wouldn't allow login and I can test on my end?

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Thanks for posting back. I really appreciate it.

I was trying to go to the urls mentioned for the app directly and assuming the same password had been set for all.

Do you mean the root password that you set within Proxmox? If so, I don't think that's possible? That is because AFAIK that is set outside the container and I'm pretty sure that it's only stored encrypted within the container. So the scripts that set the passwords, etc don't have access to the raw password. An encrypted password allows you to check if an entered password matches the stored password, but it doesn't allow you access to the raw password. If you have any info that suggests that my understanding my not be correct, I'd love to hear! :)

Also, for what it's worth, you shouldn't need to log in via SSH. Logging in via the Promox console should also work. Did you do that? Or did it only work for you once you had run it via SSH?

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I just installed zone minder (turnkey-zoneminder-17.1-bullseye-amd64) on a intel i3-9th gen computer.

It went well, only that when I try to connect from another computer to the IP, I get a message like "

This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.

Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall


Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

The zone minder machine is connected thru ethernet, the other one wifi.

Thank you.



I used the tutorial from:

because I am not extremely familiar with all the terminology.



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FWIW, whilst your issue is with Zoneminder, it's completely unrelated to this issue. It's generally considered poor etiquette to post on someone else's issue unless it's directly relevant to heir question(s). So as a general rule it's best to start your own thread (although I note that you aren't signed in - creating new threads is only possible as a logged in user). Anyway, seeing as we're here now, I'll continue.

So from what you've shared, it sounds like you installed from ISO to bare metal.

Regarding the IP address of the server (i.e., did you manually set that yourself yourself (i.e. manually via Confconsole)? Or did it get that IP automatically (via DHCP)?

I ask because usually the most common LAN config is (i.e. IP addresses from to - in the old terminology, a netmask of That subnet can not connect to alternate subnets (e.g.

If all of your LAN connected machines use 192.168.0.x IPs, then please ignore the above (as that likely is the same as I noted above, but instead).

So I'd double check the IP addresses of other things on your LAN to see what their IPs are (if they are all 192.168.0.x addresses, then I'm probably heading you in the wrong direction). Also, you can try pinging your server to check whether it's a network issue or not (if a network path can be found, ping should work, if ping fails, then you have network issues).

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Hello Jeremy,

Thank you for your quick answer, I will try to check what you just mentioned and get back to you / to the forum.

Much appreciated.

(For the "poor etiquette", I apologize, I was sure I was in the right place and, even more, sure that I was logged in. Which I tried, with the login link the system sent me and all. And there was, and still is, a log out button on this page...)


Thank you.


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Apologies on my misunderstanding. It appears you are correct and you are logged in!? I'm not sure why I thought otherwise...

Let me know how you go and hopefully we'll work out your issue.

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